Zw Utopia Deck by Damien Bashaw

Zw Utopia, when asura blow comes out.

hello everyone, this build of zw utopia tends to be really consistant based of a lot of testing, and isn’t based off of anyone’s decklist.

Zw Deck Profile Recipe

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Summoning Engine:

3 goblindberg
3 gagaga magican
3 star drawing
3 white dragon wyverburster
3 black dragon collarserpent
2 summoner monk
2 solar wind jammer
1 kagetokage


3 zw-lightning blade
3 zw-tornado bringer
3 zw-asura blow
1 zw-unicorn spear


3 rank-up-magic numeron force
2 gagagarevenge
1 renforcement of the army
2 mystical space typhoon


1 call of the haunted
1 mirror force

Extra  Deck:

3 utopia
3 utopia ray
3 utopia ray v
2 utopia ray victory
2 zw-leo arms
1 heroic champion – excalibur
1 gagaga cowboy

your basic turn one plays are either going into any of the utopias or leo arms. if you went into a utopia, then dump all the ‘zw’s you have on to it. if you went leo arms,then search out a zw using his eff, searchin for lightning blade, followed by tornado bringer, followed by asura blow.

the good thing about utopia is that it can get past a bunch of cards you hate, like magic cylinder, with ray victory because of him being star eater when he attacks, and you can get rid of huge monsters with v, not to mention that tornado bringer protects utopias from anything that targets. and lightning blade protects all zws from destruction, including itself.


  • disqus_YMi1NjzXhu

    has anyone tested yet?

  • regandpledge

    Just tested this deck on Yugioh – Millenium Duels, and it is a powerhouse. I’m playing ranked and getting OTKs all the time.

  • Kanelfine

    It is good sometimes, but you get a dead hand very often. I have made some changes and it gives me more fun. =)

  • Dragunityfox

    Kanelfine can i get a recipe of your version of the deck

  • Bob Yue

    how do you get out your Leo arms first turn?