Zombie lightsworn deck by Mike Urso

Pretty much zombies, and lightsworn’s coming together for an all new dark/light deck. I love this deck and its definitely something i wanna bring into tourney’s and what not.

The deck itself runs pretty much off of the light sworn engine, yet you use zombie world, mezuki, and zombie master to special summon any monster either light sworn, or zombie. ( even your opponents cards) from the grave. not to mention using book of life which also banishes some cards from your opponents grave. ALSO u can use judgement dragon, and red eyes zombie,or even super poly to summon underworld dragon dragonecro.

Zombie Lightsworn Deckand YDK

Click and get the Zombie LIghsworn YDK

Main Deck:

2x judgement dragon
1x red eyes zombie dragon
2x plague spreader zombie
2x zombie master
3x mezuki
2x garoth, lightsworn warrior
1x lyla, lightsworn sorceress
2x raiden, lightsworn assailant
1x ehren lightsworn monk
2x lumina lightsworn princess
1x ryko lightsworn hunter
2x book of eclipse
3x zombie world
1x mst
1x foolish burial
1x pot of duality
1x terraforming
1x dark hole
1x monster reincarnation
1x super poly
1x charge of the light brigaid
3x solar recharge
2x upstart goblin
1x torrential tribute
1x mirror force
1x bottomless

Extra Deck: (important ones only)

Michael, light sworn ark x1
doom kaiser dragon x3
stardust spark dragon x1
catastor x1
underworld dragon dragonecro x1
black rose dragon x1
beelze king of dark dragons x1
number 25 utopia x1
acid golem x1
number 66: key beetle x1
star eater x1