Yugioh Deck Recipes

Pure Chronomaly Deck List

Chronomaly Deck List for Yugioh TCG 2014

I know guys, there has been a long time without making or publishing any Deck, I guess I’m to lazy. But Today I have this Chronomaly Deck for you people and is a very funny and competitive deck. The reason ...

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Shinra Plant Deck Build

Shinra Plant Deck Profile for Yugioh TCG

Update: This Deck have been updated, click on Sylvan Deck and Sylvan Turbo. There you go, another Shinra Plant Deck. I really like this new archetype, is different that be playing all day with others deck that are made just ...

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Mist Valley Gusto Deck by Alex Allen

Mist Valley Gusto Deck Recipe for Yugioh TCG

From: Alex Allen Subject: Mist Valley Gusto Deck Here is my Mist Valley Gusto Deck. this deck is great for getting out level 5 and 7 synchro monsters. this deck is so much fun. the main monsters for this deck ...

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Gorgonic Chronomaly Deck by Alex Allen

Gorgonic Chronomaly Deck Profile Yugioh Tcg

From: Alex Allen Subject: chronic deck profile (Chronomaly-Gorgonic) Hello, this is my original deck idea that i came up with. this deck uses cards that won’t be out till legacy of the valiant. i’ll be honest, when i made this ...

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Shinra Deck Profile by Eric

Shinra Deck Profile Yugioh TCG

From: Eric Subject: New Archetype Shinra Deck! So Shinra is a newly released plant-type archetype, their main play is put certain cards on top of the deck, so they can use the effect once it’s revealed from the top of ...

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Spellbook Blue-Eyes Deck by Unownknight7

Spellbook Blue-Eyes for Yugioh TCG

From: Unownknight7 Subject: Spellbook Blue-Eyes Hey guys, this is my Spellbook Blue-Eyes deck that i thought of after ”Maiden with eyes of Blue” was announced and its become my most used deck, its mostly a fun deck but it has ...

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