Yugioh Deck Recipes

Batteryman Deck List January 2013


Here is my Batteryman Deck List, it is a very old  archetype  of  cards, but they are extremely funny and now with Xyz Monsters they seems to be a little more Solid. My Favorite Card in this Deck is Batteryman AAA, his ...

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Wind-Up Deck List January 2013

Wind-Up deck list

Well here is the Wind-Up Deck List , I know Konami kicked this deck, like almost every good deck on this game. But well here is a build that still solid, and very competitive. You can make your changes, basically ...

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Nimble Frog XYZ January 2013

Nimble Xyz Deck-List

So now let’s see this amazing deck, Nimble Frog XYZ deck list, before anything this is a super funny and  wonderful deck. You can make few xyz that can help you to win, and  Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord is a card so ...

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Agents Inzektors Deck List January 2013

agents inzektors deck list

Here is the Agents Inzektors Deck List, a variant of both mixed decks, because Konami has limited both builds and with the key ard Insect Imitation you can make a bridge betweenk both decks and you can probably use the ...

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Burning Knuckler Deck Build January 2013

Burning Knuckler Recipe

So let’s take a look at this Burning Knuckler Deck recently made. For now this is not a powerfull Deck, and maybe Konami adds some support to this guys later, actually I don’t like their effects, but you know is good to ...

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Hand Trap Chaos Deck List January 2013

Chaos Hand Image Deck-List

This is a Hand Trap Chaos Deck List. The main purpose of this deck is to take control of the game as soon as possible, drawing cards, and takin control of the field is probably that the opponent choose surrender ...

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