Yugioh Deck Recipes

Amazoness Deck Last Format

Amazoness Deck List last format.

Well I had a request of an Amazoness Deck from Arnaldo Desulovich on twitter, ( Thanks for everyone that follow us and connect with us asking for decks) and well is a funny deck, maybe is not the  chosen one to ...

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Bujin Recipe May 2013

Bujin Recipe card by card image.

Well now this is a Bujin Recipe, a new archetype of cards from Konami. They are level 4 Light Monsters, and they effects are focused on Bujin Beast-Warrior Monster ( Bujin – Yamato and Bujin Emperor – Susanoo ). I kind of ...

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Hieratic Deck Recipe

Hieratic Deck Recipe Image

Hey guys, is time for some Hieratic Deck Recipe , I’m not sure where I got this Recipe, so any advice is good. I tested this one and is very good, I’m not a big fan, but this deck deserve to be ...

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Hunder Rank-Up Recipe for Number C39: Utopia Ray V

Rank-Up Recipe for Utopia Ray Deck-List

Hello Yugioh Community! Here is my new Hunder Rank-Up Recipe for Number C39: Utopia Ray V. I made this deck  because is pretty easy do a rank 4 xyz summon thanks to the Hunder Family, and of course they are cute, lol. ...

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Infernity Recipe April 2013

Infernity Recipe Image April 2013

    Well now with my Infernity Recipe, very good deck, this one have been strong from the beginning, and it still winning Duels. The main strategy as maybe all of you should know is the opposite of every other ...

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Psychic Deck Recipe April 2013

Psychic Deck Recipe Image 2013

So here we are with a Psychic Deck, now that we have Emergency Teleport back to three copies is good enough to make this deck alive again. Well this is not a Top Deck but we can have some fun ...

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