Yugioh Deck Recipes

Best Constellar Deck Recipe Last Format

Constellar Deck Recipe Last Format

Hi guys, I have updated the Constellar Deck Recipe, because the last one on the website was from the last format, even sangan was in this deck. Well I have to say this deck is very good, it was not ...

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Photon Galaxy Deck Recipe Last Format

Photon Galaxy Deck Card View

Hi Yugioh Community, I’m here with a Photon Galaxy Deck. And I’m very happy because of the good feedback about the Website and for those amazing people that keep visiting us. I made this deck because yesterday, I got a ...

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Another Great Hieratic Blue-Eyed Deck

Hieratic Blue-Eyed Deck Recipe

Hello people, there we go, another Hieratic Blue-Eyed Deck. I don’t really know why I love this Deck, maybe because it works perfectly for me. They are a lot of Combos with this, and know we have a good Extra ...

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Gladiator Beast New Deck Profile

Gladiator Beast New Deck Profile 2013

Hello Yugioh Family, right now we are seeing our Gladiator Beast New Deck Profile. For all of those that thought this deck is dead, you are wrong. This probably will not be a Top One again, but yes, I love ...

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Last Fire Fist Deck Profile

Fire Fist Deck

So here we are guys with another annoying deck. This time a good Fire Fist Deck Profile or Brotherhood Deck, it really doesn’t matter. This deck is very fast, and it can locks your opponent to death. A good team ...

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Chain Burn Deck Recipe

Chain Burn Deck Recipe Detailed

Here is quick look to a Chain Burn Recipe, I’m really sorry because I had not time to be updating the page, I have a lot of decks that I need to post, but I guess that everything is not ...

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