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Constellarswarm Deck List or Constellar Evilswarm by Kish

Constellar Mix with Evilswarm

From: Kish Subject: Constellarswarm Deck List (Constellar Evilswarm) Message Body: I have no idea where this idea came from, but I decided to combine Constellar monsters and Evilswarm monsters into one deck making the Constellarswarm deck, which became quite competitive ...

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Bujin Lock Deck List by Kish

Bujin Deck sent to Deck List by Kish

This Deck is getting quite popular and they do have a lot of support cards. I can not stress this enough, but the trap card ”Sixth Sense” is like the best card for this deck because you either mill or ...

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Natural Death (Naturia Deck) by Bradley

Naturia Deck Profile for Yugioh TCG

From: Bradley Subject: Natural Death (Naturia Deck) Message Body: Hi everyone, I have been running Naturia’s for years. With the many formats I have brought my Naturia deck through, I believe I have finally perfected it. This build has gone ...

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Fire King Deck Profile from Reddit

Fire King Deck with The Wicked Eraser

Hi people, this Fire King Deck was posted on the Yugioh-Reddit bye HueHueJimmyRustler. This Fire Kings runs very good, are consistent and the difference between others, is that you can destroy The Wicked Eraser from your hand with Yaksha to clean-up the ...

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TeleArcanite / Miracle 3.0 by Peter Tran (Supreme Arcanite Deck)

TeleArcanite Deck Profile

From: Peter Tran Subject: TeleArcanite / Miracle 3.0 My latest and greatest upgrade, I called TeleArcanite-Miracle-Rank 5. Base on my previous deck, TeleDad T.G-Miracle 2.0 and TeleDad T.G-Miracle rank 5. I design this deck specifically to gain advantage against decks ...

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Junk Ruler Deck Profile sent by YamiGG

Junk Ruler Deck

From: YamiGG Subject: Junk Ruler Deck Thanks a lot for this Junk Ruler Deck YamiGG. I never thought in a Deck like this, probably people like it. See Also: Noble Knight Last Format [prever]junkruler[/prever] –Main– Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1 ...

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