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Gishki Hieratic Deck List by Alex Allen

Gishki Hieratic Deck Profile

From: alex allen Subject: Gishki Hieratic Message Body: ok, first off this deck is really good, but it can be crippled badly by gravekeepers and evilswarm. this deck uses the gishki engine taking advantage of “gishki vision”, “gishki shadow”, and ...

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Neo Space Deck by Vag

Neo Space Deck Profile

NEO SPACE DECK(By Vag) Most of us liked the Neo-Spacians Jaden played at the GX series…So here is a recipe of a fun deck of mine,that has proved really competitive in most of the times.I don t say it can ...

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E-Heroes Deck Profile from Vaggelhs Vaitsis

Heroes Deck Profile

Hey guys, i love playing E-Heroes so i tried to built an all-around and versatile deck of them,that can also be competitive. I have used many recipes on this theme and the one i am posting is my final version. ...

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Mist Valley Gusto Deck by Alex Allen

Mist Valley Gusto Deck Recipe for Yugioh TCG

From: Alex Allen Subject: Mist Valley Gusto Deck Here is my Mist Valley Gusto Deck. this deck is great for getting out level 5 and 7 synchro monsters. this deck is so much fun. the main monsters for this deck ...

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Gorgonic Chronomaly Deck by Alex Allen

Gorgonic Chronomaly Deck Profile Yugioh Tcg

From: Alex Allen Subject: chronic deck profile (Chronomaly-Gorgonic) Hello, this is my original deck idea that i came up with. this deck uses cards that won’t be out till legacy of the valiant. i’ll be honest, when i made this ...

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Shinra Deck Profile by Eric

Shinra Deck Profile Yugioh TCG

From: Eric Subject: New Archetype Shinra Deck! So Shinra is a newly released plant-type archetype, their main play is put certain cards on top of the deck, so they can use the effect once it’s revealed from the top of ...

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