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Ice Barrier Deck and YDK by Vag

Ice Barrier Deck Profile and YDK

Hey there! Today i will give you a fun Ice Barrier deck. For the last years(after Trish and Brionac ban) they are a pretty much dead arctype. They are acused for being slow,unconsistable and a dull deck. I tried my ...

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Zombie lightsworn deck by Mike Urso

Zombie Lightsworn Deckand YDK

Pretty much zombies, and lightsworn’s coming together for an all new dark/light deck. I love this deck and its definitely something i wanna bring into tourney’s and what not. The deck itself runs pretty much off of the light sworn ...

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Chaos Dragons Deck Recipe by Kish

Chaos Dragon Deck Recipe and YDK

As a kid, I absolutely loved Chaos Dragons, I mean a deck with all my favorite monsters, Gorz Emissary Of Darkness, Black Luster Soldier, Chaos Sorcerer, Dark Armed Dragon and Red-eyes Darkness Metal Dragon all in one deck? Too good ...

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Card Trooper Agents Deck by Andy Caldwell

Card Trooper Agents Deck Recipe and YDK

Hey, everyone, this is my build of Card Trooper Agents, initially created by Allistar Albans. Essentially it uses Card Tooper as a deck thinning engine and combos with Call of the Haunted to drop the now unlimited Archlord Kristya very ...

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Zw Utopia Deck by Damien Bashaw

Zw Deck Profile Recipe

Zw Utopia, when asura blow comes out. hello everyone, this build of zw utopia tends to be really consistant based of a lot of testing, and isn’t based off of anyone’s decklist. [prever]QlBAphkeTPA[/prever] Summoning Engine: 3 goblindberg 3 gagaga magican ...

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Vampire deck by Vag

Vampire Deck Recipe and YDK

Hello there…Today i will give you my vampire deck recipe. I started this deck just for fun without big expectations,but it has proven me wrong many times.For those who aren t familiar with the archtype, it is a zombie type ...

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