Traptrix Deck with Ninjas

Well, hello again, for a second time today, now with a Traptrix Deck mixed with Ninja Cards and even Dragons. For a quick introduction this set of monsters recently released, are monsters that works with Trap Hole or Hole normal Trap-Cards. So cards like the classic Bottomless Trap Hole, and Trap Hole already has few monster that can take advantage of this cards. This monsters main effects is that they are not affected by this type of cards ( Trap Hole and Hole ). They are all Earth-Type Level 4 Monsters and well I think they still need support. The one with the highest attack (Traptrix  Atrax) is packed with 1800 atk points and when it is face-up on the field you can activate the Trap Hole and Hole cards from your hand, beside that, the activation of normal trap cards that you control can’t be negated. Following the last one goes Traptrix Myrmeleo, with 1600 Atk Points when this card is Normal Summon you can add one “Trap Hole” or “Hole” Normal Trap card to your hand and when this is Special Summoned you must destroy one Spell or Trap Card that your opponent control. The last one is Traptrix Nepenthes, this one features 2000 Def Points and has the ability to Special Summon or Add from your Deck one “Traptrix” Monster once per turn when a Trap Hole Card is activated. I know you guys don’t need a lot of Explication with this Traptrix Deck so, see you later, and Follow us, Thanks.


Traptrix Deck with Ninjas and Dragons

Main Deck:

Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders x3
Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles x2
Traptrix Atrax x2
Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo x3
Traptrix Myrmeleo x3
Goblindbergh x2
Traptrix Nepenthes
Summoner Monk x2
Upstart Golden Ninja x2
Heavy Storm
Dark Hole
Monster Reborn
Pot of Duplicity x2
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Book of Moon
Void Trap Hole x2
Trap Hole x2
Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare x3
Starlight Road
Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation x3

 Extra Deck:

Stardust Dragon
Number 74: Master of Blades
Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
Number 11: Big Eye
Number 85: Crazy Box
Evilswarm Ouroboros
Gem-Knight Pearl
Number 39: Utopia
Number 16: Shock Master
Fairy King Albverdich
Photon Papilloperative
Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
Lavalval Chain
Gagaga Cowboy

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    Wow! Your decks are amazing and original, i appreciate your work juan c 😉

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    Could you post an ancient gear deck?

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    how to replace the babydragon?

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