TellaKnight Deck by Vag

So,this is the new archtype that seems to be the first meta deck of the Arc-V era. To sum it up,it has 3 effect monsters,one XYZ monster,one quick-play spell and one counter trap. Which are all AWESOME! Their gameplay reminds something between old heroes(Stratos plz come back!)and the Constellars(which are alike in terms of some effects and design). But the difference here is that it has proven to be a very consistent and quick archtype that can be supported by many cards(they are all LIGHT and Warrior-typer monsters,lvl/rank 4,so a lot of the current cards can support them for many different gameplays). The built I will present to you focuses on XYZ summon.But you could make it a XYZ/Synchro built as well. The gameplay is pretty much a loop that differs,depending on the cards you hold and the cards in the graveyard.I’ve tried to support the deck with as much drawing power as possible and a bit of searching power,others than the archtype has as itself. Note here that the limitations of their effects are that they can t use their effects on a monster with the same name and can be used once per turn. So,the decklist and a few words about every card.

Tellaknight Deck Recipe and YDK

Get Here the YDK File for instant play.


3x Satellaknight Altair: When he is summoned you can revive a “tellaknight” monster from the grave.So, it s an instant XYZ for you. He can also revive the XYZ boss monster,Stellaknight Deltatelos. The only drawback is that if you use his effect, only “tellaknight” monsters can attack.
1x Tasuke Knight: a plan B for defence when you are in rough situations.
2x Vermilion Sparrow Summoner: when he is destroyed by battle,you can special summon a warrior-type from your deck with 1500 or less attack. You can do great combos with him. Plus,a lvl 4.
1x Field-Commander Rahz: a way to bring the right monster card for your next draw.
3x Satellaknight Deneb: The Stratos of the deck. When he is summoned, you add one “tellaknight” monster from your deck.
2x Goblindbergh: it s a warrior-xyz deck,so self-explanatory.
3x Satellaknight Vega: When he is summoned,you can special summon a “tellaknight” monster form your hand. In many occasion,an 1-card XYZ.
1x Gentlemanter: a mean of protection and defence.
1x Honest: obvious.
2x Troubull Driver: it s a warrior deck, so obvious.


1x ROTA: Obvious.
1x Dark Hole: Staple.
2x Monster Reincarnation: Sometimes you may not have the proper “tellaknight” in your hand or in the grave. So, it s a card that ensures the consistency of the deck.
1x Foolish Burial: It speeds up the grave feeding and can produce massive combos.
2x TWRA: obvious.
2x MST:Staple.
2x Sattelaknight Bridge: You return one “tellaknight” monster from the field to the deck and special summon one “tellaknight” monster from the deck. This can be used either for protection,for using the effect you need that time or for more damage(it is a quick-play spell).The drawback here is that as long the Special summoned monster is on the field,you can SS only “Tellaknight” monsters.
1x Supply Unit: Just for drawing power.


1x Defense Draw: No damage,plus one more card on my hand.
1x BTH: Staple.
1x Mirror Force: Staple.
2x COTH: Staple and obvious.
1x Solemn Warning: Staple.
3x Sacred Constellation Factor: Probably the best card of the archtype. A counter-trap that has that can negate almost everything(except summonings) at the cost of tributing one “tellaknight” monster. Plus, you draw one card.


1x Number S39: Utopia One : a card for desperate times.
3x Stellanight Deltatelos: he has 3 broken effects. 1)when he has XYZ materials,your opponent cannot activate cards when you Summon(special or normal). 2) Once per turn, you can detatch one material to destroy a card on the field. 3)When he goes to the grave,you can Special Summon a “tellaknight” monster from your deck or hand. KONAMY,ARE YOU NUTS?!
1x Number 102: Star Seraph Sentry : a vrey good card that is easy to summon with this deck.
2x Number 39: Utopia : the reason for 2 copies is the Utopia One.
1x Number 103: Ragna Zero : He is like the nemesis of Fire Fists.
1x Blade Armor Ninja: Obvious.
2 x Silent Honor Ark Knight: Obvious.
1x Heroic Champion – Excalibur: Obvious.
2x Starliege Paladynamo: Obvious.
1x Daigusto Emeral: A recycle and drawing card.

I know it is easy to anticipate the strategy here,but I will explain some combos. If you have an Altair and a Deneb on your hand and Vage in your Grave,you Summon Altair,the summon Vega from the grave, then you summon Deneb from your hand and then you grab a new “tellaknight” from your deck. Then you can either attack with all of them,or exceed summon Stellaknight Deltatelos and destroy a card on the field,then attack. And with that main combo in mind,you can alternate it in a way that meets the situation you are in. Also, it is a deck with a great verastility on its built,so you can modify it to your playstyle. I hope you enjoy it 😀

  • Vaggelis

    There will be a healer for this deck, with the 4 new cards of the archtype.but this version works great as it is

  • Nope!

    What is T.W.R.A? Some of us aren’t that good at yu-gi-oh, consider that next time please.

  • Nope!

    On dueling network, I couldn’t find half of the spells. :u

  • Vaggelis

    the warrior returning alive

  • Guest

    that s why i don t like D.N. 😛

  • Vaggelis

    you may found them with different names…sometimes ygopro doesn t take the official english card name but the japanese translation…so this is why you may haven t found them. And except that, DN indeed misses some cards.

  • SavageHero84

    Why is Blade Armor Ninja in this deck? Is it just to be a beat-stick monster?

  • Vaggelis

    yeap, so as excalibur etc. you can special summon many times and have 2 warrior type on the field…and with an empty field, what better than a big deal of damage like ninja does?but if you don t like him you can put him out. For the healer i have prepared i don t think he is in there,also he is optional…

  • cuberminerera

    I didn’t get the full deck when I downloaded this. HELP!!!!!!!