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Battlin’ Boxer Deck Recipe by JaBeZ

Battlin' Boxer Deck card by card

Hello Yu Gi Oh World! I just wanted to share the deck I constructed… I’m kinda’ new on this but I’ve had my interest on the Battlin’ Boxers but sadly they don’t have the needed supports right now… but… pairing them ...

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Inzektor Master Key Deck Recipe Lock

Inzektor Master Key Deck Recipe

Hi everyone and welcome to this Inzektor Master Key Deck Recipe, The main Reason that I made this deck is because I wanted to use Number 66: Master Key Beetle to protect Vanity’s Emptiness and Safe Zone. So you can put your ...

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Plasma Atmosphere Deck, Diamond Dude Turbo Engine

Plasma Atmosphere Deck Recipe with Diamond Dude

Hi everyone, since Konami set Scapegoat to Three Copies, is nice to take a look to this Plasma Atmosphere Deck. Of course it is not perfect but you can add your own touch to this, and leave your comments below ...

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Funny and Different Assault Mode Deck Recipe

Assault Mode Deck Recipe for Stardust

Today let’s see this Funny and Different Assault Mode Deck Recipe, I’m really tired of all the regular Decks. People play to win and not to have fun, but well that’s not my way of doing stuffs. So this deck ...

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Dragon Ruler Plant Deck Recipe Last Format

Dragon Ruler Plant Deck for Synchro Summon

Hi everyone, finally after a lot of days, I’m here posting decks again. Today I will bring you guys a Dragon Ruler Plant Deck, that I have been testing a lot, and well even with the Dragon Ruler Kids banned, ...

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Agent Deck September 2013

Agent Deck Recipe September 2013 Format

Today I’m posting an Agent Deck Recipe for this last format. I’m trying to update every deck but they are too many =), I can’t do it just by myself. This deck like others is TCG, I really don’t have ...

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