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Evol Deck Healer sent by Kish

Evol Deck Fixed Version

From: Kish Subject: The Evol Deck I was hanging around Dueling Network the other day and I decided to try out this deck. Although it may not be all that competitive I still see it as a potential. This deck ...

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Vampire Deck Updated

Vampire Deck Recipe 2013

Today I’m posting a new Version of the Vampire Deck, it’s not a big deal. This deck is very nice, and being Vampires, hmmm hmmm. Who in this world  does not like this type of people that live in darkness and ...

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Bujin Lock Deck List by Kish

Bujin Deck sent to Deck List by Kish

This Deck is getting quite popular and they do have a lot of support cards. I can not stress this enough, but the trap card ”Sixth Sense” is like the best card for this deck because you either mill or ...

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Fire King Deck Profile from Reddit

Fire King Deck with The Wicked Eraser

Hi people, this Fire King Deck was posted on the Yugioh-Reddit bye HueHueJimmyRustler. This Fire Kings runs very good, are consistent and the difference between others, is that you can destroy The Wicked Eraser from your hand with Yaksha to clean-up the ...

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Madolche Build for September 2013

Madolche Build September 2013 Banlist

Since the beginning, when they were realeased, Madolches have been loved and hated. A lot of people like it, and that’s because this Deck is amazing, you can do a lot with this Archtype, and everything gets better when you ...

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Evilswarm Deck Build For September 2013

Evilswarm Last Format Sept 2013

Well in the last formats, Eviswarms has been one of the best Decks, and the Main Reason for thats is that they has Eviswarm Ophion between them to lock their opponents opportunity to Special Summon High Level Monsters, like Cyber Dragon, ...

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