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Vampire deck by Vag

Vampire Deck Recipe and YDK

Hello there…Today i will give you my vampire deck recipe. I started this deck just for fun without big expectations,but it has proven me wrong many times.For those who aren t familiar with the archtype, it is a zombie type ...

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Vampire Deck Updated

Vampire Deck Recipe 2013

Today I’m posting a new Version of the Vampire Deck, it’s not a big deal. This deck is very nice, and being Vampires, hmmm hmmm. Who in this world¬†¬†does not like this type of people that live in darkness and ...

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New Vampire Zombie Deck Recipe

Vampire Zombie Deck Recipe

Well here is this New Vampire Zombie Deck Recipe, I have been just like 2 hours using it, and well, I like a lot, I think this could put the Zombies somewhere near to Top Decks again. This Vampire monsters ...

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