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New Bujin Deck Recipe with Support

New Bujin Deck Recipe Image with support

Hello my lovely Yu-Gi-Oh community. I’m here very excited with this new support of our Bujin Deck Recipe, this is a whole different build than the previous Bujin Deck posted before on the page. Starting to  analyze this we have another Beast-Warrior ...

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Gimmick Puppet Deck with Machina Monsters

Gimmick Puppet Deck Image

Hi Yugioh  Community. I’m here with this super amazing wonderfull Gimmick Puppet Deck, mixed with some Machina Monsters and others. I’m really excited with this deck, for real is super cool and good, I have been testing this deck and I even ...

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Elemental Incarnate Dragons Recipe March 2013

Elemental Incarnate Dragon Recipe Image

So here is the last version of Suppressor Dragons Cards, now called Elemental Incarnate Dragons. This Deck is too good, basically if you start the game, is almost a win. Starting with a Eclipse Wyvern and anyone of the Small ...

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Turbo Vayu Blackwing Deck Recipe March 2013

Turbo Vayu Blackwing Decklist

This is a Turbo Vayu Blackwing Deck Recipe, as you probably already know, Konami released Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow to 3 copies, so maybe Blackwing can come back from the death to be a little more playable this ...

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Mermail Deck Recipe March 2013 New Formula

Mermail Deck Recipe March 2013 Image

So here I am, with a Mermail Deck Recipe from this new March Banlist. I really like this build, is pretty different than the others, cause everyone is focused on Genex Undine, and I don’t really like that card. This ...

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Dark World Virus Recipe February 2013

Dark World Virus Deck List Image

So here is a Dark World Virus Deck List. Basically this deck is super strong and I hope Konami take some action against this Deck. Is very easy to use this deck, Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World is a ...

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