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T.G. Synchro Fusion Spellcaster Deck Sept 2012

t.g. synchro fusion spellcaster

[prever]pi4ayJEOyzE[/prever] T.G. Synchro Fusion Spellcaster deck is a T.G. deck with some Spellcasters. The deck is focused on Synchro Summon spellcasters synchros and add cards for the effect of Synchro Fusionist, the T.G. support make it faster, and actually I ...

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Synchron Quasar Otk Deck List Sept 2012

Synchron Quasar

The synchron deck was used by Yusei on the 5ds Series. A pretty fast deck, able to make almost any synchro summon fast and dont even losing your hand. My Synchron Quasar version, like the name says, has the ability ...

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X-Saber Deck List September 2012

X-Saber Deck Recipe

The X-Saber Deck is a really very good deck, pretty strong, resistent and able to make super OTKs. The archetype is Earth attribute, so you can use others mosnters like Giant Rat, but actually is a very good balanced deck ...

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