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Turbo Vayu Blackwing Deck Recipe March 2013

Turbo Vayu Blackwing Decklist

This is a Turbo Vayu Blackwing Deck Recipe, as you probably already know, Konami released Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow to 3 copies, so maybe Blackwing can come back from the death to be a little more playable this ...

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Mermail Deck Recipe March 2013 New Formula

Mermail Deck Recipe March 2013 Image

So here I am, with a Mermail Deck Recipe from this new March Banlist. I really like this build, is pretty different than the others, cause everyone is focused on Genex Undine, and I don’t really like that card. This ...

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Six Samurai Deck List January 2013

Six Samurai Deck List Image

So here is a Six Samurai Deck List. I really hate this deck, and I will never use it. But is a fact that they are a good archetype. They have a lot of combos and the Synchro Monster is ...

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Gigaplant OTK Deck September 2012

Gigaplant OKT Deck

Well let’s see this Gigaplant OTK Deck, before anything I let you know this deck, is not the same than years ago. When Konami was good, this deck was amazing for me the best one, two Lonefire Blossom, two Dandylion, ...

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Mystic Piper Relinquished Lockdown September 2012

Mystic Piper Relinquished

Ok let’s see this deck, before anyone think anything. I always have been a fan of lv 1 monsters. From the beginning when I started to play yugioh, cyber valley was one of my favorite monster cards, those 3 effects ...

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Scrap Meklord Deck List Sept 2012

Scrap Meklord Deck

[prever]jrLaYXOrWsU[/prever] The Scrap Meklord Deck is very resistent, they focus on synchro summon powerful monsters. Effect Scraps Synchros monsters has the ability to reborn a Scrap no-synchro monster when they are destroyed by the opponent cards. Well let’s see the ...

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