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Gigaplant Melia the Ashwood Nymph Deck Profile

Gigaplant Melia Deck Recipe

Today I’m showing a Gigaplant Melia the Ashwood Nymph Deck Profile, this is before anything, an amazing and fun deck for smart people. Is that kind of build that you can make a lot of different stuffs, but well the more ...

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Low Level Normal Dragon Deck Recipe

Dragon Deck Low Level Normal Monsters

So hi everyone, after a lot of time, looks like I’m getting lazy. Here is a deck that I made from scratch, trying to use cards like Enchanting Fitting Room(Pay 800 Life Points. Pick up 4 cards from the top ...

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Dragon Ruler Plant Deck Recipe Last Format

Dragon Ruler Plant Deck for Synchro Summon

Hi everyone, finally after a lot of days, I’m here posting decks again. Today I will bring you guys a Dragon Ruler Plant Deck, that I have been testing a lot, and well even with the Dragon Ruler Kids banned, ...

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Morphtronic Deck Recipe Last Format

Morphtronic Deck Last Format OTK

Today we are checking this Morphtronic Deck Recipe, a good old deck that always works. This was probably the first full deck that I had with real cards, long time ago. This is actually funny a lot of little guys ...

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Mecha Phantom Deck Recipe with Machina

Mecha Phantom Deck September 2013

Hello Yugioh Community, today I’m posting a Mecha Phantom Deck Recipe. This recipe use the Machina Support since this guys are all machine monsters. This deck is actually pretty good, they has the ability to work with Tokens. Their effects ...

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Blackwing Deck September 2013 Format

Blackwing Deck for September 2013 Format

Hi everyone and welcome to this New Format Blackwing Deck. I know there has been a lot of days without any Deck, but between the school and my job, I  did not have the time. Anyways now we all know the ...

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