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Bujin Recipe May 2013

Bujin Recipe card by card image.

Well now this is a Bujin Recipe, a new archetype of cards from Konami. They are level 4 Light Monsters, and they effects are focused on Bujin Beast-Warrior Monster ( Bujin – Yamato and Bujin Emperor – Susanoo ). I kind of ...

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Lightsworn Deck Recipe with three Lumina

Lightsworn, Yugioh Deck Image

So here is a quick look to the Lightsworn Deck of this last Banlist. As you all should know now you can use three Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, is almost the main card of the Deck, this card is pretty good. I ...

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Constellar Deck Recipe February 2013

Constellar Deck Recipe Image card by card

Now we are here with a Constellar Deck Recipe, this deck is not bad at all, but is far from Top Decks. Actually the strategy is to draw  a lot with Star Sign of the Constellar. Constellar Xyz Monsters are really ...

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Agents Inzektors Deck List January 2013

agents inzektors deck list

Here is the Agents Inzektors Deck List, a variant of both mixed decks, because Konami has limited both builds and with the key ard Insect Imitation you can make a bridge betweenk both decks and you can probably use the ...

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