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Lightsworn Lightray Deck (Lightswornray) by Kish

Lightsworn Lightray Deck Fixed

So this is my Lightsworn Lightray deck list which has been doing pretty well I must say. It is a mixture of lightsworn and lightray monsters since they work pretty well together. With them, you have access to rank 3, rank ...

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Skull Servant Lightsworn Deck (Wightsworn) by Alex Allen

Skull Servant Lightsworn

This is my wightsworn deck(haha…get it). i like this deck a lot because its a very unique deck that is really underrated. so this deck uses the the lightsworn engine to mill cards from your deck. you want to get ...

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Constellar Recipe Last Banlist

Constellar Recipe Last Banlist September 2013

Hi Yugi Community and welcome to this Constellar Recipe for this Last Format September 2013. I know that outthere we have a lot of Constellar Fans, I actually like this deck a little bit. This Recipe is very consistent and ...

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Lightsworn Ritua Deck by Sintruth

Lightsworn Ritua Deck Recipe

So I’m here today to post my Lightsworn Ritua build for September 2013. The main objective of this build is to mill your deck and swarm the field with powerful ritual/XYZ monsters thus enabling explosive plays and even OTKs. Trade-In and ...

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Photon Galaxy Deck Recipe Last Format

Photon Galaxy Deck Card View

Hi Yugioh Community, I’m here with a Photon Galaxy Deck. And I’m very happy because of the good feedback about the Website and for those amazing people that keep visiting us. I made this deck because yesterday, I got a ...

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Noble Knight Deck Recipe

Noble Knight Deck Image

Hi my lovely Yugioh Community. This is a Noble Knight Deck Build good enough to be on our website. I have played this and have been doing few changes so it is up to Duel. To give some reference, this is ...

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