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E-Heroes Deck Profile from Vaggelhs Vaitsis

Heroes Deck Profile

Hey guys, i love playing E-Heroes so i tried to built an all-around and versatile deck of them,that can also be competitive. I have used many recipes on this theme and the one i am posting is my final version. ...

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Fusion HERO Deck Last Format, September 2013

Elemental HERO Deck Last Format

Hi everyone, today I’m posting this nice Fusion HERO Deck, this deck is prepared to work with this Last Format, and it was sent to me from a friend Takuya Sakka who is my friend and also is member of ...

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Butterspy Deck with Hero Beat Engine

Butterspy Deck with Hero Engine.

Hi people, probably this is my last recipe for this week, but the good news is that starting on monday, August 5th, I will have a lot of time for the page, so I will make more than a Deck ...

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Hero Beat Deck Profile

Hero Beat

Someone asked me for a Hero Beat Deck, and well even if I don’t really like it, here is a recipe. This has only seven monsters on the Main Deck, an Elemental HERO Stratos three Elemental Hero Neos Alius and ...

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