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New Gravekeeper Deck Recipe

Gravekeeper Deck Image

Hello readers, I’m here now with a Gravekeeper Deck Recipe, a good antimeta deck, this is one that can face Elemental Incarnate Dragons, because they don’t let Dragons to remove thanks to Necrovalley. This is not my playing style but ...

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Hieratic Blue-Eyed Deck Recipe

Hieratic Blue-Eyed Deck Image

Hello Yugioh Community, now I’m testing a Hieratic Blue-Eyed Deck, many should know already that Konami is planing to bring some cards for a new Blue-Eyes Deck or some Blue-Eyed. So I chose this Hieratic Blue-Eyed because the new synchro Blue-Eyed Silver Dragon ask ...

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Fabled Quasar Deck Recipe

fabled quasar deck recipe

Hi yugioh  community, I’m here again, now with a Fabled Quasar Deck Recipe for you guys and a follower on Twitter that requested it. Is pretty simple, the  technique  is  to draw a lot with Fabled Ragin, our precious T.G Hyper Librarian and Formula ...

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