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Horus Deck Recipe with Mythic Dragons and Hieratics

Horus Deck with Hieartics and Mythic Dragons

Hello readers, JamieD requested this Horus Deck in our Forum and well, since now I will give priority to people in the Forum because I want to create a big community of Yu-Gi-Oh for everyone. So getting into the Deck ...

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Traptrix Deck with Ninjas

Traptrix Deck with Ninjas and Dragons

Well, hello again, for a second time today, now with a Traptrix Deck mixed with Ninja Cards and even Dragons. For a quick introduction this set of monsters recently released, are monsters that works with Trap Hole or Hole normal ...

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Tempest FTK or Magical Explosion Deck

Tempest FTK - Magical Explosion Deck

Hi everyone, today I have been testing this Tempest FTK Recipe or Magical Explosion Deck. This is a Burn Deck, that will kill your opponent just in 2 different ways. The first one is activating Blasting the Ruins(You can only ...

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Malpractice Deck Recipe or Bad Reaction to Simochi Recipe

Malpractice Deck Recipe

Hi everyone, let’s take a look to this Malpractice Deck Recipe, or Bad Reaction to Simochi Recipe. This Deck has been around since the old times, a classic Burn Deck. In my personal opinion, I really hate to play against ...

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Gishki Hieratic Deck 2013

Gishki Hieratic Deck Recipe

Hi everyone, here is a Quick Gishki Hieratic Deck, I’m really a big fan of the Full Gishki Recipe but this one is also good. This deck is very good for the ability to make Rank 6 Xyz Monsters very ...

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Malefic Deck Recipe with Gravekeepers

Malefic Deck Recipe with Gravekeepers Explained

Hi people, now a quick Malefic Deck Profile with some Gravekeepers monsters. The main thing on this deck, is very clear, the brutal force. Abusing of monsters like Malefic Cyber End Dragon, that are really easy to Special Summon and ...

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