Synchron Quasar Otk Deck List Sept 2012

The synchron deck was used by Yusei on the 5ds Series. A pretty fast deck, able to make almost any synchro summon fast and dont even losing your hand. My Synchron Quasar version, like the name says, has the ability to special summon Quasar Dragon very fast. I love to use Darksea Rescue and Tuningware to draw a lot, making the things easier, if you count every single special summon you do in one turn, it can be almost like 20, is impresionant. Once, somebody used Maxx C against me and I almost win for making him draw the entire deck. Well is a funny deck, enjoyable, and different to tops decks, is pretty fast. Well don’t worry about missing trap cards, you won’t need it. Bye the way de-synchro is a key card, it makes you draw a lot if you synchro summon with tuningware or darsea, well thanks for watching.


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Synchron Quasar

Main Deck:

  • 3- Quickdraw Synchron
  • 3- Junk Synchron
  • 2- Card Trooper
  • 1- Dandylion
  • 2- Quillbolt HedgeHog
  • 2- DoppelWarrior
  • 1- Plaguespreader Zombie
  • 2- Level Eater
  • 3- Tuningware
  • 2- Unknown Synchron
  • 3- Darksea Rescue
  • 1- One for One
  • 1- Heavy Storm
  • 2- De-Synchro
  • 1- Double Summon
  • 2- Machine Duplication
  • 1- Foolish Burial
  • 1- Monster Reborn
  • 3- Tuning
  • 3- Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 1- Inferno Reckless Summon

Extra Deck:

  • Shooting Quasar Dragon
  • Shooting Star Dragon
  • Mist Wurm
  • Road Warrior
  • Junk Destroyer
  • Stardust Dragon
  • Nitro Warrior
  • Black Rose Dragon
  • Junk Archer
  • Turbo Warrior
  • Drill Warrior
  • T.G. Hyper Librarian
  • Junk Warrior
  • Armory Arm
  • Formula Synchron

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  • thelight288

    I tested it and I drew almost my whole deck XD. I have my own quasar deck, its consistend, but this has way more draw power

  • Juan C Irizar

    I love this Deck, is really good.

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  • OverNumber191

    Im pretty sure uve missed spore. its a really good card for a quasar deck, tip:
    quickdraw discards Eater s.s quickdraw, then, summon eater synch to TGHL
    one for one : discard Dandy lion s.s spore, synch lv 3 ( spore + tokens)
    spore banishes dandylion, special summon quillboltsynch lv 6 n. summ lv 1 tuner, s.s level eater to eat TGHL’s level
    SYnch to formulaa
    then, synch to quasar, (2+4+6)
    happy enough?
    ok, just coth to TGHL now happy?

  • Alembana Latera L

    quickdraw + eater = TGHL??? You drunkk kid..

  • FinalApocalypse

    Quickdraw lvl 5 + eater lvl 1 (eater eff makes quickdraw lvl 4) = 5 = TGHL

  • Kise Ryōta

    u guys are serious? ever read quickdraw’s last sentence? lol

  • Thisguyy

    Please update this, a lot of these cards are banned and if they’re key to the deck it’d help with an update. Heavy Storm seems to be in a lot of these decks