Spellbook Blue-Eyes Deck by Unownknight7

From: Unownknight7 Subject: Spellbook Blue-Eyes

Hey guys, this is my Spellbook Blue-Eyes deck that i thought of after ”Maiden with eyes of Blue” was announced and its become my most used deck, its mostly a fun deck but it has won me some tournaments, as you can see its a spell heavy deck due to the spellbook’s. The main point of the deck is to get ”Maiden” out and wait since her effect is when she is attacked you can switch her battle position and special summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your hand, deck or graveyard and if she’s targeted by any effect whether it be monster, spell or trap you can special summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your Hand, Deck or Graveyard, and the spellbook’s are there to help that along since both Spellbook of Power and Wisdom target so that helps ”Maiden’s” effect go off, then their is the rest of the deck, Exemplar helps get out spellcasters since whenever a spell is activated she gains 2 counters and you can remove any number of counters to special a spellcaster from your hand equal to the amount of counters removed, kycoo is there to banish monsters and stop the opponent from banishing and the 1800 attack isn’t bad either, honest because its a light heavy deck, white stones to help get blue-eyes to hand, defender to protect spellcasters.

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  • isaiah

    i cant win with this deck all i draw is spell or trap cards no monsters.

  • Daniel Baker

    It needs a magician of faith…and I question the necessity of a trade in and cards of consonance since the chance of getting to use them is low.