Skull Servant Lightsworn Deck (Wightsworn) by Alex Allen

This is my wightsworn deck(haha…get it). i like this deck a lot because its a very unique deck that is really underrated. so this deck uses the the lightsworn engine to mill cards from your deck. you want to get the skull servant/wight cards in the grave as fast as possible and the lightsworns do an awesome job at this. while ”wightmare” and ”lady in wight” are in the grave their names are treated as skull servant. This Deck’s main strategy is to populate the Graveyard with ”Skull Servant”, ”The Lady in Wight”, ”Wightmare” and ”King of the Skull Servants” to Summon a ”King of the Skull Servants” with up to 8000 ATK. once ”king of the skull servants” is in the grave its really easy to get him out of the grave with cards like ”call of the haunted”, ”book of life”, and ”mezuki”. by the way i am so happy that ”mezuki” and ”plaguespreader zombie” are at 2 now. especially ”mezuki”, all you have to do is banish him from the grave and you can special summon any zombie from the grave. also this deck can be hard to shut down. when ”king of the skull servants” is destroyed by battle you can banish 1 skull servant card to bring him back on the field. also you can discard wightmare to either special summon a banished skull servant or move a banished skull servant back to your grave yard. anyways here is the deck, i hope you all enjoy it.


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Skull Servant Lightsworn


3x ryko, lightsworn hunter
2x lyla, lightsworn sorceress
3x king of the skull servants
3x wightmare
3x lady in wight
2x mezuki
2x zombie master
2x plaguespreader zombie


3x mystical space typhoon
1x dark hole
1x one for one
1x foolish burial
2x book of life


1x bottomless trap hole
1x torrential tribute
1x solemn warning
2x dimensional prison
2x mirror force
2x fiendish chain
1x black horn of heaven
3x call of the haunted


1x ally of justice catastor
1x archfiend zombie-skull
1x gaia knight, force of the earth
1x HTS psyhemuth
1x revived king ha des
1x black rose dragon
1x gagaga cowboy
1x gem-knight pearl
1x lavalval chain
1x number 39: utopia
1x number 50: blackship of corn
1x number 66: master key beetle
1x photon papilloperative
1x maestroke the symphony djinn
1x number c39: utopia ray


2x armageddon knight
2x stygian dirge
2x mind crush
1x breakthrough skill
2x trap stun
2x malevolent catastrophe
1x black horn of heaven
1x mystic box
2x effect veiler

Thanks Alex for this Skull Servant Lightsworn Deck.

Download .ydk file Deck Recipe

Skull Servant Lightsworn

  • alex

    😀 your welcome and thank you for showing it!

  • Juan C Irizar

    Anytime brother, =)

  • dw24

    No Charge of the Light Brigade?

  • alex

    you know that’s a good idea. I didn’t even think of that card. thanks.

  • OverNumber191

    if it was meh, I would have named it Zombightsworn because it too f***-in FUN”’ D:

  • Chris

    what about wightprince, or burial from a diff dimension?

  • alex

    this was before wightprince, but yeah it and burial from a diff dimension would be just fine in it.