Prophecy Deck List by Kish

From: Kish
Subject: Prophecy Deck List

Message Body:
As most know, Prophecy decks rely on spellbook spell cards in order to summon monsters or search out other spellbook cards.
I have made this deck list in accordance to the September 2013 ban list.
It is pretty good, deadly and straight forward. The monster, World Of Prophecy is the ultimate monster here, a trail of destruction really, given you have 4 spell cards in your hand. None the less, this deck allows you to have ranks 7, 5 or even 2 monsters.
Temperance of prophecy is epic as he can be used to summon either High Priestess Of Prophecy or Reaper Of Prophecy who can then summon Prophecy Destroyer with his effect. Although some people may not like this card, I have added Fool Of Prophecy into the deck as its effect can summon Reaper Of Prophecy or Prophecy Destroyer and it can send spell cards to the grave so you can send dead spell cards like Spellbook library Of The Crescent to the grave if you have spellbook cards in your grave in order to avoid a dead draw. I have also added reasoning as it gives a boost to the deck and any monster can be special summoned.
This deck is pretty good at recycling and copying so I doubt you will ever run out of spellbook cards.


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Prophecy Deck for Yugioh TCG

Prophecy Deck YDK File

Monsters x15
High Priestess Of Prophecy x2
Reaper Of Prophecy x2
Prophecy Destroyer x2
Fool Of Prophecy x2
Spellbook Magician Of Prophecy x3
Temperance Of Prophecy x3
World Of Prophecy x1

Spell Cards x23
Spellbook Library Of The Crescent x2
Spellbook Of Secrets x3
Spellbook Star hall x2
The Grand Spellbook Tower x2
Spellbook Of Wisdom x2
Spellbook Of Life x2
Spellbook Of Fate x2
SSpellbook Of Eternity x2
Spellbook Of Power x2
Spellbook Of The Master x2
Reasoning x2

Trap Cards x2
Waboku x1
Threatening Roar x1

Extra Deck x15
Shining Elf x1
Leviair The Sea Dragon x1
Gachi Gachi Gantetsu x1
Daigusto Phoenix x1
Armored Kappa x1
Herald Of Pure Light x1
Gaia Dragon The Thunder Charger x1
Number 11 Big Eye x1
Number 74 Master Of Blades x1
Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack x1
Adreus Keeper Of Armageddon x1
Number 12 Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja x1
Number 61 Volcasaurus x1
Wind Up Arsenal Zenmaioh x1
Tiras Keeper Of Genesis x1

  • Jm Villanueva

    do you have a video or replay for the deck?… i;ve used the last prophecy deck but i was having a bad hand most of the time :(… hope i can see how to use this played whatever the situation is..

  • alex

    i like how the number 12 crimson shadow armor ninja was replaced with a crimson knight vampire bram. there is no way to get it out. XD

  • Andrew M Twigg

    i think you are forgetting that you cannot special summon any other level 5 or higher monsters with Temperance. If you use his effect to special reaper, reaper cannot special another monster.