Phantom Beast Plane Deck List January 2013

Phantom Beast Plane

Well now let’s see this new Deck: Phantom Beast Plane. Before anything you should know this deck is not to powerful for know. I have been testing it for just one day and I know is not enough. That’s why I will update this deck later, but at this time this is what I got, a mix like between Dark and Wind Monsters, making the space for Dark Simorgh. This Phantom Beast Plane Deck focus their effects on token cards. They are machine wind monsters with lv3 or lv4. ¬†They all have the ability to special summon tokens and use they to make some cool effects and beside that when you control a token, plane monster can’t be destroyed by battle or card effects and they get the combined level of all Phantom Beast Plane tokens. Their xyz monster, 2 level 7 monster, has the ability to special summon tokens also, two, and beside he can’t be destroyed when there is tokens on the field, he can tribute one to destroy any card on the field. Well now le’ts see it, name by name, and hope you like it.


Main Deck:

  • 2- Dark Simorgh
  • 3- Phantom Beast P. Mega-Raptor
  • 3- Phantom Beast P. Tether-Wolf
  • 1- Phantom Beast P. Black-Falcon
  • 3- Genex Ally Birdman
  • 3- Phantom Beast Plane Ham-Strato
  • 2- Tour Guide from the Underworld
  • 1- Sangan
  • 2- Phantom Beast Plane Ray-Stealth
  • 1- Dark Hole
  • 1- Pot of Avarice
  • 1- Monster Reborn
  • 3- Scramble
  • 3- Typhoon
  • 1- Limiter Removal
  • 2- Black Garden
  • 2- Bottomless Trap Hole
  • 2- Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi
  • 2- Compulsory Evacuation Device
  • 2- Solemn Warning

Extra Deck:

  • 1- Scrap Archfiend
  • 1- Black Rose Dragon
  • 1- Sirius the Blue Dog Star
  • 2- Beast God Vulcan
  • 2- Phantom Beast Plane Drago-Sack
  • 1- Number 11: Big Eye
  • 1- Constellar Ptolemys Messier 7
  • 1- Number 106: Huge Rock Palm, Giant Hand
  • 1- Lightning Plover
  • 1- Gagaga Gunman
  • 1- Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
  • 1- Leviair the Sea Dragon
  • 1- Wind-Up Zenmaines