Naturia Deck Profile by Bradley

I’ve been running Naturia’s for ages, and have had an old build of my deck uploaded on here already, but I’d like to update my deck, to the new and improved Naturia deck, my only truly bad match-up is Bujin’s, which I hate, but I think everyone’s got a problem with a yamamoto and kaiser coliseum on the field right? Anyway, here’s the deck list this time around:

Naturia Deck Profile and YDK

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2x Grandsoil the Elemental Lord
1x Thunder King Rai-Oh
1x Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders
3x Nat. Cherries
1x Nat. Dragonfly
3x Nat. Cliff
1x Nat. Pumpkin
1x Nat. Mantis
1x Nat. Fruitfly
2x Nat. Butterfly
2x Nat. Marron
2x Nat. Bamboo Shoot
2x Nat. Cosmobeet
1x Nat. White Oak


1x Dark Hole
1x Mind Control
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Book of Moon
2x Pot of Duality


2x Safe Zone
2x Fiendish Chain
1x Solemn Warning
1x Torrential Tribute
2x Dimensional Prison
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted


1x Meliae of the Trees
1x Leviair the Sea Dragon
1x Soul of Silvermountain
1x Gagaga Cowboy
1x Daigusto Emeral
1x Number 50: Blackship of Corn
1x Armory Arm
1x Ally of Justice Catastor
2x Naturia Beast
2x Naturia Barkion
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Leo, The Keeper of the Sacred Tree

The deck is already quite competitive, and does well in competitive duels against the top decks, but if you want to give some productive advice, or if someone on the site wants to deck doctor it because they think they can make it more competitive please, feel welcome to, and I would love to see what others think should be in the deck, and out of the deck.. Before so though, I will say my deck is not 100% bamboo shoot based, it’s xyz and synchro, turbo based… I would also prefer to keep it mainly pure Naturia.. Thank you.

  • Bradley Sutton

    Made some changes recently to speed the deck up, is much faster now, and even more turbo.. if you want a list, or are interested for advice on Nat’s, e-mail me at as I’ve been playing them since they came out, and feel I am absolutely an expert on the archtype,and all ways to make it competitive.. I am currently working on one of those guides that goes card by card thast i will eventually be uploading on various sites for anyone who’s interested, if you want to find that, search for Naturia Building 101 by savanahsboi on websites within the next month or so… I’ll cover everything in the archetype, along with several different builds, and also many cards that are not of the archetype but that can be extremely beneficial to the archetype itself…

  • Giovanna Adolph

    This deck is fantastic. I am relatively new to the game and this is just the deck I needed. I’m destroying friends who have been playing their entire lives. Thanks for the help!!

  • Touya Shinjitsu


  • The Fallen

    Neat deck set up, any tips with mines ?
    x3 cliffs
    x2 bamboo shoot
    x2 marron
    x2 butterfly
    x2 fruitfly
    x2 mosquito
    x1 mantis
    x1 white oak
    x1 dragonfly
    x1 stinkbug
    x1 rosewhipe and x1
    x1 antjaw

  • The Fallen

    x2 safe zome
    x2 naturia sacred tree
    x2 mirror force
    x1 scrubbed raid
    x1 bottomless
    x1 compulsory
    x1 grave of the super ancient organisms
    x1 fiendish chain

  • The Fallen

    x2 duality
    x2 double summon
    x2 mst
    x1 messenger of peace
    x1 forbidden chalice
    x1 dark holw
    x1 lightning vortex
    x1 leodrakes mane

  • Josh Yiggy

    Dude. … cherries.