Mist Valley Gusto Deck by Alex Allen

From: Alex Allen
Subject: Mist Valley Gusto Deck

Here is my Mist Valley Gusto Deck. this deck is great for getting out level 5 and 7 synchro monsters. this deck is so much fun. the main monsters for this deck are ”Gusto Gulldo”, ”Gusto Egul”, and ”Winda, priestess of gusto”, these are your floaters. when ”Egul” is destroyed by battle you can special summon one level 4 or lower non-tuner gusto from your deck, so you get out ”winda”, when she is destroyed by battle you can special summon one gusto tuner from your deck, so you get out ”Gulldo”, when he is sent from the field to the grave you can special summon one level 2 or lower gusto from your deck. you just rinse and repeat, this way you are always insured to have a monster on the field to use for a synchro summon. with the addition of ”divine wind of mist valley” you are able to synchro even better and faster. you use cards like ”genex ally birdman”, ”harpie dancer”, and ”mist valley falcon” to bounce monsters on the field to your hand, and special summon one level 4 or lower wind monster from your deck, which opens up more synchro plays. this deck also recycles really well with the use of ”caam hope you all like the deck.

Mist Valley Gusto Deck Recipe for Yugioh TCG

Mist Valley Gusto YDK for YUGIOH TCG


3x Gusto gulldo
3x Gusto egul
3x Winda, priestess of gusto
2x Caam, serenity of gusto
1x Genex ally birdman
2x Harpie dancer
2x Mist valley falcon
2x Reborn tengu
2x Junk synchron


3x Divine wind of mist valley
1x Terra forming
3x Mystical space typhoon
1x Dark hole
2x Forbidden lance
1x Book of moon
1x Quill pen of gulldos


1x Bottomless
1x Compulsory evacuation device
1x Solemn warning
2x Mirror force
2x Dimensional prison
2x Mistake


1x Daigusto eguls
1x Daigusto gulldos
1x Ally of justice catastor
1x T.g. hyper librarian
1x Vortex the whirl wind
2x Black rose dragon
1x Mist valley thunder lord
1x Lightning warrior
1x Ancient fairy dragon
1x Lightning chidori
1x Daigusto emeral
1x Maestroke the symphony djinn
1x Gagaga cowboy
1x Number 39: utopia


2x Black horn of heaven
2x Shadow-imprisoning mirror
2x Chain destruction
2x Malevolent catastrophe
2x Debunk
1x Mind crush
2x Soul release
2x Night beam