M-HERO deck by Vag

And yes, they are back! On the internet games at least 😛 Konami gave HEROes some love, and they definately deserved it. The M-HERO project is here and will be one of the new meta decks. There are 2 new effect monsters, 5 new fusion monsters, 1 spell card and 2 quick-play spell cards to support the archtype. The most notables are the “Change” spell series.Each one wants different requirments to be activated, but they are all powerfull. And with Mask Charge(you can add one “HERO” and one “Change” card from the grave) you can take back your supplies. The two new heroes we have, Dark Mist and Blazeman are wonderfull searchers that have replaced Stratos in our deck(but not in our heart). And the new fusions? One powerfull Contrast HERO, one equally powerfull E-HERO and 3 new M-HEROs that give you a reason to run Alius not only for Gemini Spark. So, withtout any further ado, here is the decklist and a video with some duels. I only want to point out that the duels in this video were gathered between an hour or so. So you can imagine that this gameplay is really constant.


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Main Deck


2x E-Hero Neos Alius(Gemini Spark,The Shinning and M-HERO Kouga. Want more?)
1x E-Hero Wildheart(He avoids traps,very good fist hand montser and the only EARTH monster on the deck,target for E-Hero Gaia and M-Hero Dian)
1x E-Hero Ocean (His effect has saved me many times,also i can make many combos with it. And he is a WATER monster,so…)
2x E-Hero Blazeman(He searches for poly,he can damp a monster in my grave and take his ATK,DEF and attribute and he is a FIRE monster.Any other reasons?You can send Dark Mist to the grave with him and take one Hero from your deck.The drawback is that he can activate only one of his effects per turn)
1x E-Hero Voltic(i run miracle fusion,so obvious)
2x E-Hero Dark Mist(when special summoned,he searches for a “Change” spell card. When send to the grave with any means,even as an XYZ material, he searches for a HERO monster. The same drawback as Blazeman, one effect per turn. I alson run only two cause i’ve seen that,in terms of consistency, 3 may be burdain.But you can take out Bubbleman and run a third copy)
1x E-Hero Bubbleman(We all know this guy, so obvious.And a WATER monster also)
1x E-Hero Ice Edge(i love this liitle fella!I want the doscard ability he has for many reasons,also he can destroy a backrow when he delivers damage to the opponent)
1x Phantom Magician(The only non-HERO monster of the deck.But when destryed by battle, he searches one HERO with 1000 or less attack and SS him.Works really good with Dark Mist)


3x E-Emergency Call(obvious)
1x A Hero Lives(Obvious and the main target is Dark Mist)
2x Poly(I run many fusion monsters so obvious)
2x R.O.T.A.(obvious)
2x Miracle Fusion(obvious)
1x Parallel World Fusion(banishing monsters is something very common nowadays,so another option)
1x Fifth Hope(the pot of avarice of E-Heroes.Obvious)
2x Mask Charge(It s like the warrior returning alive,but also grabs you a “Change” Spell card and can take back any HERO without level restrictions.You can also take back fusion monsters)
1x MST (Obvious)
3x Mask Change(it is an M-HERO deck, so obvious)
1x Gemini Spark(we run 2 Alius,so…)
2x Super Poly(obvious as hell 😛 )
2x Form Change(well,this card is a tricky one but is one of the OTK factors.You get to send back to the extra deck a HERO monster you control and SS a new M-HERO fron the extra deck that has the same lvl as the monster that you returned.So you can easily change from Nova Master to Acid or Dian. Most Fusion Heroes are lvl 8 or lvl 6m so this cards gives you A LOT of diversity.The only drawback is that it needs a fusion monster,which is cool cause all this deck does is fusioning)
1x Mask Change Second(This card supposed to be for non-HERO decks.But i run one Phantom Magician and i need the discarding ability in many cases)


1x BTH(staple)
1x Mirror Force(staple)
1x COTH(staple)
1x Solemn Warning(staple)

Extra Deck:(15)

1x C-Hero Chaos(He needs two M-Hero monsters as materials and he can negate the effects of a monster for a turn,in either player’s turn.How OP?)
1x E-Hero Core(He needs 3 E-Hero monsters as materials. But here the magic begins. When he is attacked,you can double his ATK until the end of the dmg step.When he attacks or is attacked,at the end of the battle phase, you CAN destroy one face-up montser of the field.And when his is destroyed,you can pick a lvl 8 or lower E-Hero fuison monster and SS it, ignoring the summoning conditions.Do you want anything Else?)
1x M-Hero Dian(when he destroyes a monster,he SS a HERO monster from the deck.Use him for Dark Mist or Voltic,if you have monsters banished,and most of the times it is an OTK)
1x M-Hero Kamikaze(He can t be destroyed by battle,only 1 monster can battle during opponent’s battle phase and when destroyes a monster,you can draw one card.I don t run any WIND monsters,but i summon him with Form Change a lot)
1x E-Hero Nova Master(obvious)
1x E-Hero The Shinning(obvious)
2x M-Hero Acid(the Harpie’s Feather Duster of the deck.2 copies of him just in case)
1x E-Hero Escuridao(obvious)
1x E-Hero Absolute Zero(I run only cause i rarely need to summon him.and if i do, i go for otk, so no need to run 2 of them)
1x M-Hero Kouga(he is the blank card on the photo, idk why he is like that 😛 anyway, he gets 500 ATK for each monster my opponent controls and can banish one HERO from the grave to lower the attack of an opponent’s monster by the attack of the banished HERO until the end phase.pretty cool,huh?)
2x M-Hero Dark Law(we all know what this fella can do,and he can shut down many decks.Like Lightsworns or Artifact.And in general any deck that uses the graveyard. If you can open with him,it s pretty sure you have won 8 to 10 times)
1x E-Hero Gaia(obvious)
1x M-Hero Goka(i run 3 FIRE monsters, so he is an OTK option)

Side Deck:(15)

I will not give a description about these cards,but you will get the point

1x D-Hero Diamond Dude
1x E-Hero Great Tornado
1x M-Hero Vapor
1x A Hero Lives
1x Fifth Hope
1x Hero’s Bond
1x Mask Charge
1x Pot of Duality
1x Form Change
2x Mask Change Second
1x Hero Counterattack
2x Hero Blast
1x Hero Signal

As far as you can see,it is a pure hero deck,with no XYZ and no other cards that may help(summoner monk or goblindberg). And to be honest i had not any problem with it so far. Also,the reason I am using as many HEROes as i can is because i want diversity and with their effects i can get it.For me,it would be pointless to run 3 Bubbleman in this deck.There are also many cards that can fit in this deck,so any suggestions are welcome.I hope you enjoy this recipe and have fun :)

  • Ashguygary

    Nice deck, has alot of combos, and has helped me get a comeback.

  • cuberminerera

    I think u should add more diamond dudes into the main deck considering the amount of spells your using. Summoner monk with it for the same reason.

  • cuberminerera

    What’s your name in ygopro? I didn’t see it properly.

  • Vaggelis

    tried it,didn t came out as good as you think now and i thought then 😛 Vag123 is my name…

  • cuberminerera

    Thanks a lot for testing my comment. I’ll try to find you and duel you on ygopro. Thanks for all your help

  • Vaggelis

    Of course they can.And Evil hero too.but as for D-Hero,they are all dark so the target is dark law.My deck isn t based only on the dark law lockdown.and being a d hero,he can only used for abs zero and escuridao material.If you want to run one of him,take out bubbleman.for posting a deck,you have to send a mail with the deck,the .ydk and a picture form your screen to Juan who owns the site.

  • cuberminerera

    Thanks a lot again.

  • Vaggelis

    i will take a super poly out but either way i don t count on this card…it s more like a trump card.raigeki is one option but i am more kin on adding another fifth hope or MST than this.also another ROTA will be good,but with my playstyle idk if it will be of much use…anyway i look forward for this banlist,i kinda like it 😛

  • cuberminerera

    I know. The October ban list is bringing in some good cards. There unlimiting wolfbark,limiting soul charge, and other good balance ing stuff

  • cuberminerera

    Why can’t someone make all the stupid decks? I just searched for HAT ( short for hand artifact traptrix) and I didn’t pop up. Can you please post that deck for me ( just saying my decks are stupidly terrible)

  • hiadude

    god damn super poly is banned

  • Justin Testa

    Why not add at least 1 Homunculus the Alchemic Being, sure it’s expected, but his effect is damn good with Mask Change II, As well Contrast HERO can use Safe Zone to your best benefit, making him invulnerable, then negate it’s effect with Contrast to attack when you’ve cleared up your opponent’s field

  • Bob Bigford

    In your monster list you said elemental hero dark most he meant shadow mist incase anyone was having trouble finding it like me

  • Charles Raisor

    this is recent? : is this site dead?

  • Arian Von Ridwan

    it’s not an advanced deck -_-