Last Warrior from Another Planet Lock Deck by Allen

From: Alex Allen
Subject: last warrior from another planet lock deck

Message Body:
ok now i know this deck idea seems weird….but stick with me. i was looking through my cards and seen the card ”last warrior from another planet”, then i got the idea to make this deck. this deck isn’t meant to be competitive, but it is soooo much fun and funny to watch how people react to this deck. also i am up for suggestions. the whole point of this deck is to bring out ”last warrior from another planet”. his effect destroys all monsters on your side of the field. then neither player can normal, special , or flip summon monsters. cards can still be set though. once he is on the field you want to protect him with back row and use cards like trap stun to keep him safe while he attacks. your opponent will not have any choice but to set a monster unless he wants to take damage. eventually they won’t have any monsters to set in there hand. another combo is setting a ”light of intervention” if you have any. then they can’t set monsters either. so far i have only won like 2 out of 5 duels. one being harpies and the other being heros.


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Last Warrior for Another Planet Profile Yugi

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3x zombrya the dark
2x maryokutai
2x elemental hero prisma
2x king of the swamp
3x battle fader
1x gorz emissary of darkness
2x tragoedia
1x cockadoodledoo


3x fusion gate
3x polymerization
2x mystical space typhoon
1x dark hole
2x pot of duality
1x forbidden lance


2x mirror force
2x dimensional prison
1x compulsory evacuation device
1x bottomless trap hole
1x torrential tribute
2x trap stun
2x fiendish chain
2x light of intervention


3x last warrior from another planet
1x gagaga cowboy
1x utopia
1x photon papilaparitive
1x maestroke the symphony djinn
1x blackship of corn
1x gem knight pearl
1x black rose dragon
1x ancient fairy dragon
1x scrap dragon
1x stardust dragon

i don’t really have a side deck made. so use whatever you want.

  • Fernando Martins

    What do you think of a royal decree?

  • alex

    i have thought about it. but my problem with it is that it always gets mst or destroyed really eaisly. i can never keep it out long enough.