Ice Barrier Deck and YDK by Vag

Hey there! Today i will give you a fun Ice Barrier deck. For the last years(after Trish and Brionac ban) they are a pretty much dead arctype. They are acused for being slow,unconsistable and a dull deck. I tried my best to make it fun to play,and i wish you like it. So a few words about this deck strategy: The main idea is to set your graveyard in your first turns and then summon General Gantala of the Ice Barrier and abuse his effect. Most Ice Barrier monsters can use their effect when another Ice Barrier Monster is on the field,so with the right combos you can make your monsters pretty much invincible(or stall enough the opponent to set your game and control the field).I have used some tech cards here like Fishborg Archer just to have more options. So without any further ado, the decklist:

Ice Barrier Deck Profile and YDK

Click in the Image to get YDK


3xGeneral Gantala of the Ice Barrier(the main monster of the deck.he is the one that makes this deck rolling and a pretty decent beater with 2700 ATK.Also can become a synchro material monsters for Leoh, Guardbeast of the Great Tree)
1xTidal,the Dragon Ruler of the Waterfalls(it’s a water-based deck,so…pretty much obvious)
1xMedium of the Ice Barrier(She can be special summoned if the opponent controls 4 or more cards than us,and her effect is that the opponent can use only one spell or trap per turn.Also,she has 2200 ATK points.Really good card)
1xDai-Sojo of the Ice Barrier(When he is in the field,Ice Barrier monsters cannot be destroyed by Spells and Traps.)
1xSamurai of the Ice Barrier(his effect is kind of weird,but also he is a lvl 4 monster and i can use him as synchro and XYZ material.also has a nice ATK for a lvl 4)
3xStrategist of the Ice Barrier(He feeds the graveyard with monsters and allows me to draw one card per turn,he is lvl 4 and he can be used as synchro and XYZ material…also he has a 1600 ATK.Enough for me)
1xAqua Spirit(more like a tech card,she has won me games though)
1xFishborg Archer(he is somewhat like the Plaguespread Zombie of the WATER monsters.He is lvl 3 and he can be special summoned from the graveyard by discarding 1 water monster.he is a tuner and i can also use him for Black Ray Lancer.The Only drawback here is that during the battle phase,he destroys the non-WATER monsters i control,if there are any)
3xDefender of the Ice Barrier(a lvl 3 tuner monster and the wall of the deck.when he is on the field with another Ice Barrier monster,he prevents my opponent’s monster with 1600 or more ATK to attack me.)
1xCryomancer of the Ice Barrier(he is a lvl 2 tuner that i mostly use for Strategist’s effect.However,when he is on the field with another Ice Barrier monster,lvl 4 and above monsters cannot attack.This applies to your own monsters,and also doesn t apply on Ranks.but he gives you a little versatility over synchro summon.)
3xPrior of the Ice Barrier(The main way to summon Gantala from the graveyard.he has some drawbacks,but he is a monster reborn for Ice Barrier monsters.)


2xMoray of Greed(a pseudo-drawing engine)
2xDouble Summon(obvious in this deck)
1xBig Wave Small Wave(i destroy all my face-up WATER monsters on the field,to SS the same number from WATER monsters from my hand.I used to run two,but from my experience you will rarely need both of them)
1xDark Hole(Staple)
2xMagic Triangle of the Ice Barrier(The best spell of the deck.When you activate this,you reveal 3 Ice Barrier monsters with different names in your hand and destroy one card on your opponent’s side.After that,you SS one of those monsters)
1xFoolish Burial(we need monsters in the graveyard,so obvious)
3xMedallion of the Ice Barrier(the E-Emergency Call fro the Ice Barriers.pretty much a staple in this deck)
2xSalvage(there are many low-ATK water monsters here so pretty much a staple)
2xWater Hazard(once pen turn,if you control no monsters,you can special summon a lvl 4 or lower monster from you,obious)


1xSealing Ceremony of Suiton(i mostly use it for the discarding part,but it has a pretty decent effect.except that,it s really optional. One card you can use instead of it is Eisbahn)

Extra Deck(15):

1xLeoh, Guardbeast of the Great Tree(he has 3100 ATK and cannot be targeted by opponent s card effect,except during MY main phase 2.Also he is pretty easy to be summoned with this recipe.’nough said)
2xGugnir,Dragon of the Ice Barrier(obvious)
1xBlack Rose Dragon(obvious)
1xVulvan the Divine(he can get rid of many annoying cards)
1xDewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier(i barely use him but he is an Ice Barrier monster and can be a great beater)
1xArmades,Keeper of Boundaries(obvious)
1xAoJ Catastor(obvious)
1xBahamut Shark(Makes some great combos,also can give a XYZ monster to summon Full Armored-Black Ray Lancer)
1xNumber 101:Silent Honors Ark Knight(pretty much a stapple)
1xFull Armorer – Black Ray Lancer(he is a beast with a magnificent effect and can be easily summoned.want another reason?)
1xAbyss Dweller(great card,and can take advantage of this pure WATER-based deck)
1xBlack Ray Lancer(i just love him :D)
1xLevianthan Dragon(I have been thinking to change him with another rank 4 XYZ monster but i haven t found anything that is better than him and also be a WATER-type.ANy thoughts on this?)
1xNumber 47: Nightmare Shark(with the right gameplay,he is lethal)

The big question here is why i run so few traps in a deck that supposed to have a heavy backrow. It s just my way of playing and,to be honest, the reason this deck has a small chance to be viable again and not a dead weight. I hope you enjoy this deck and any suggestions are really welcome,cause i’m still working on it.

  • James Humwood

    hmm not bad not bad at all actually its really good 😀 good job dude! can’t wait to see what deck you do next

  • Fred H. Given

    Have you tried adding 1 treeborn frog? Hes a water and you arent using many S/T that need to be set, plus he gives you a free tribute.

  • Vaggelis

    thnx a lot man,i am working some deck these days and be sure i will post some of them :)

  • joe angel

    Im gonna try ur deck,im also a water deck user…

  • Vaggelis

    i hope you like it :) if you have any ideas on it,plz comment here and tell me :)

  • Diogo Martins

    man you have a lot of monsters lvl 7. why dont get space for a big eye? big eye is strong and a powerful weapon against high rated monsters with these new decks (galaxy for example, with all the xyz with a powerful atk)
    Just a opinion, i love the main deck, very consistent :D. congratulations, you did a great job :)

  • Vaggelis

    thanx man,well i will tell you why i don t run any rank 7.first,i hate most of them 😛 and i don t like playing with them. and secondly,i don t want to take out any of the numbers i have on the extra deck.but if it fits you better with big eye,then give it a try and tell me how it was :)

  • Johannes

    Thank you very much for showing your deck list,I always loved that archetype so badly because its very interesting on my opinion,and I’m pretty sure that your deck will help me a lot to i build my own one.

  • Vaggelis

    thnx a lot man,it sure is one of the most underused and interesting archtypes.and the best thing here is that I.B. give you the choice to modify it up to your playstyle.i hope you will enjoy it :)

  • Vaggelis

    Just for the record,i have changed two cards:
    -1 Double Summon
    -1 Dewloren,Tiger King of the Ice Barrier
    +1 Salvage
    +1 Full Armored-Black Ray Lancer.

    it is working a bit better right now,cause i can ss prior or defender from the gy and make many more combos and FA-BRL is just too op 😛

  • Slipz

    were you by any chance meaning to +1 surface not salvage? salvage allows you to add 2 and surface ss from gy you already brilliantly have salvage at 2

  • Slipz

    I love Ice barriers so much and your build is amazing i started off with a royal decree lockdown and it was meh but still had a ton of fun!!

  • Vaggelis

    no my friend i prefer monsters in my hand than ss in this deck…but a surface over salvage would be nice

  • Douglas Hunter Boyd Jr.

    I got a competitive ice barrier deck for you to try 😀
    I have been running ice barriers since they first came out. Creating ways on beating news metas with it and all.

  • Vaggelis

    ok i am waiting for it,send it here if you can 😉

  • gyros19

    this is good. maybe put some rank 7 monsters like big eye and mecha phantom beast dracossack

  • Erik Lee Woodward

    As for replacing Leviathan Dragon, Lavalval Chain works really well with this deck. You could also put in stuff like Blackship of Corn, or Maestroke.

  • Vaggelis

    i just don t like them 😛

  • Shiiouri

    Hey, I seem to like your Ice Barrier Deck since they looked fun to use, and have you have any plans for remaking the Ice Barrier Deck In 2016.? Just Wondering.!

  • MasterH

    Might I suggest Blizzard Dragon? It paralyzes one of your opponent’s monsters each turn.