Harpwings deck by Vag (Harpies Blackwings)

Hey there! Today i will give you a recipe that i haven t seen many times(maybe one or two before years):harpies with blackwing support. They might have a different gameplay,but the options they give you are limitless. Most of the times i play with it,i start with a god hand.So,the main logic here: abuse Harpie Channeler, abuse Zephyros and Bora,abuse Icarus Attack and…that s pretty much it :P. This time i will not give many explanations about the cards or the playstyle, because all of us have played with Harpies of Bwings at some period. So,the deck list is:

Harpie Blackwing YDK

Get ydk file for this Harpie Blackwing Deck


3xHarpie’s Pet Dragon
1xHarpie Queen
2xShura the Blue Flame
2xBora the Spear
1xZephyros the Elite
3xHarpie Channeler
3xHarpie Lady 1(both 2,3 and cyber harpie are options)
2xHarpie Dancer
1xKochi the Daybreak
1xGenex Ally Birdman
1xGale the Whirlwind


2xCards of the Black Feathers(the draw machine)
1xDark Hole
2xElegant Egotist
3xHysteric Sign
1xDivine Wind of the Mist Valley
2xHarpie Hunting Ground


1xMirror Force
3xIcarus Attack
2xHsteric Party
1xSolemn Warning


1xLeoh,Guardbeast of the Great Tree(i just love this card :P)
1xDragscension the Supreme Sky Dragon
1xBlack Rose Dragon
1xAncient Fairy Dragon
2xNumber 74: Master of Blades
1xMPB Dracossack(i really hate this card and i rarely play it,but it s a staple in a deck like this)
1xNumber 11:Big Eye(the same as dracossack)
1xEvilswarm Ouroboros
1xNumber 101: Silent Honors Ark Knight
1xHarpie’es Pet Phantasmal Dragon(there wasn t even one occasion that i summoned two of them in the same one is more than enough)
2xIce Beast Zerofyne(the main XYZ)
2xLightning Chidori(the second main XYZ)

That’s pretty much it.It s an easy-to-play,easy-to-modify deck that anyone can use and can beat pretty much anything with a little bit of luck in the first draw.I hope you like it.

  • Emoticon22

    I’ve done this before and dark simorgh is a good card to add to this deck list

  • Vaggelis

    yeap i agree on that…I just didn t want to give this deck the lock-down character dark simorgh gives. + i like playing with fac-downs a lot in this deck, so it would hit my strategy as well 😉

  • Cam Wilson

    I was thinking Dark Simorgh only affects your opponent no?

  • Vaggelis

    correct i remembered the effect wrongly…Simorgh can be an option here

  • YsoDexterious

    Why no swallows nest? It would be perfect in this deck and make otks easier. Also, with 3 hysteric sign, you don’t need 2 egotist.

  • Vaggelis

    thnx for the tip man,i am not actually an expert in harpies…it works better with your advice :)