Gorgonic Chronomaly Deck by Alex Allen

From: Alex Allen
Subject: chronic deck profile (Chronomaly-Gorgonic)

Hello, this is my original deck idea that i came up with. this deck uses cards that won’t be out till legacy of the valiant. i’ll be honest, when i made this deck i didn’t expect much from it, but it has surpassed my expectations tremendously. this deck utilizes the power of ”chronomaly Moai” and ”chronomaly Moai carrier” to make rank 5 xyz monsters. ”chronomaly winged sphinx” is also good at bringing out your rank 5 xyz monsters. not only does this deck make rank 5’s but it can just as easily make rank 3’s just as fast. ”chronomaly crystal bones” and ”gorgonic gargoyle” allow for super easy rank 3’s. ”gorgonic golem” is pretty sweet because not only is he a level 3 but if he is destroyed by battle the atk of the monster that destroyed him becomes 0, also you can banish him from the grave to target 1 set spell/trap and it can’t be activated during this turn they also can’t activate the card in response to the effect. i also run ”gorgonic cerberus” so that if i only have level 5 monsters and i need a zenmains or some other rank 3, i can just make all my monsters level 3. last but not least i run ”chronomaly crystal skull” so that i can search out my other chronomaly monsters. ok here is the deck-list.

Gorgonic Chronomaly Deck Profile Yugioh Tcg

Gorgonic Deck YDK


3x Chronomaly moai
3x Chronomaly moai carrier
2x Chronomaly winged sphinx
3x Chronomaly crystal skull
3x Chronomaly crystal bones
3x Gorgonic gargoyle
3x Gorgonic golem
2x Gorgonic cerberus


3x Mystical space typhoon
2x Forbidden lance
1x Dark hole
1x Book of moon
1x Chronomaly city babylon


2x Dimensional prison
2x Black horn of heaven
2x Fiendish chain
1x Mirror force
1x Compulsory evacuation device
1x Bottomless trap hole
1x Magic cylinder
1x Torrential tribute


1x Chronomaly crystal chrononaut
1x Giant soldier of steel
2x Gorgonic guardian
1x Number 17: leviathan dragon
1x Temtempo the percussion djinn
2x Wind-up zenmaines
1x Wind-up arsenal zenmaioh
1x Number 33: chronomaly machu mech
1x Adreus, keeper of Armageddon
1x Tiras, keeper of Genesis
2x Number 61: volcasaurus

That’s my deck list i hope you all enjoy it. thank you.

  • Juan C Irizar

    I’m so sorry =(. The link to the YDK wasn’t working, I just found out from Facebook, people should let me know on comments.

  • alex

    it’s ok. i don’t even know what a YDK is.

  • Juan C Irizar

    YDK is the file that you place on your Deck folder on ygopro, and you don’t have to built the deck, is ready to play. So people don’t have to type card by card to use it.

  • alex

    ah ok.

  • Yuccey

    I like the Deck, i think the xyz Power is strong in this one

  • Dylan Grgic

    ok heres my list for my chronomaly deck

    x3 moai
    x3 skulls
    x2 knots
    x2 bones
    x3 jets
    x1 mud golem
    x1 spirit reaper
    x1 shining angel
    x1 vylon prism’
    x1 krobons
    x1 jinzo
    x1 honest
    [20 monsters]
    x3 mystical space typhones
    x2 eye tablets
    x1 swords of revealing light
    x1 magical mallet
    x1 pot of duality
    x1 mage power
    x1 soul charge
    [10 spells]
    x2 heraldry record
    x2 call of the haunted
    x2 breakthrough skills
    x2 mirror force
    x1 xyz reflect
    x1 scrap iron scarecrow
    x1 dark bribe
    x1 trap stun
    x3 magic cylinder
    x1 torrential tribute
    x1 black horn of heaven
    [17 traps
    extra deck
    x1 beelze of the diabolic dragons
    x1 stardust dragon
    x1 samsara dragon of rebirth
    x2 shark fortress
    x3 gorganic guardians
    x1 adreus keeper of armageddon
    x2 volcasaurus
    x1 gauntlet launcher
    x1 evilswarm ouroboros
    x1 chrononaut
    x1 heartlandraco
    [15 extra deck]
    47 in main deck
    15 in extra deck