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Subject: ghostrick monarchs

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Hello this is my Ghostrick monarch deck. this deck is really fun to play and competitive. the main plot of the deck is to use ”ghostrick lantern” and ”Ghostrick specter” as tribute fodder for your monarchs. ”lantern” negates direct attacks or attacks that target ghostricks. ”specter” his effect is when a ghostrick monster is destroyed you can special summon him face down and draw a card. these two cards insure that you always have something on the field to tribute. ”Ghostrick Kyonshee” is also a great addition to this deck as she allows for you to search out ”lantern” and ”specter”. for the monarchs you have to use ”caius” and ”raiza”. they are the main monarchs of the deck. ”caius” allows you to target one card on the field and banish it, clearing the field of problem cards. ”raiza” also gets rid of cards by placing them on top of the deck, this clears the field and gives your opponent a dead draw their next turn. i also run a ”mobius” to get rid of back row. i also run ”mystic piper” because she allows me to draw a card and if the card is a level 1 monster then i can draw 1 more card. if you wanted you could run ”card car D” over ”mystic piper”. probably my favorite card in the deck would have to be ”Dark Armed Dragon”. this card has won me duels so many times. with ”return of the monarchs” you can easily search him out really quick. anyways here is the deck list.


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Ghostrick Monarch Deck Profile

Ghostrick Monarch YDK File


3x Ghostrick Kyonshee
3x Ghostrick lantern
3x Ghostrick specter
3x Caius the shadow monarch
3x Raiza the storm monarch
1x mobius the frost monarch
1x Effect veiler
2x Mystic piper
1x Black luster soldier-envoy of the beginning
1x Gorz emissary of darkness
1x Dark armed dragon


3x Mystical space typhoon
1x Dark hole
2x Pot of duality
1x Forbidden lance
2x Recurring nightmare
2x Return of the monarchs
1x book of moon


2x Ghostrick scare
2x Dimensional prison
1x Solemn warning
1x Bottomless trap hole
1x Compulsory evacuation device


1x Ghostrick alucard
1x Number 48: shadow lich
1x wind-up zenmains
1x Number 63: shamoji soldier
1x Number 54: lion heart
1x Photon strike bouncer
1x Sword breaker
1x Black rose dragon

  • Silence!

    Just looking at your card selections for this deck is enough for me to tell you its an effective deck. (Pun intended)

  • alex


  • Tevin

    any thoughts on adding ghostrick mary?

  • Grant Chase

    Has anyone considered a Ghostrick-Shadoll Deck yet?

  • alex

    no actually but if i were to i would only run the 3 ghostricks shown in this deck.