Battlin’ Boxer Deck Recipe by JaBeZ

Hello Yu Gi Oh World! I just wanted to share the deck I constructed… I’m kinda’ new on this but I’ve had my interest on the Battlin’ Boxers but sadly they don’t have the needed supports right now… but… pairing them up with fire kings and hazy’s made them quite formidable(or maybe im worng and i was just dueling with sucky players, hehe…). This deck mainly focuses on putting yokes in the field as soon as possible. Yokes are one of the toughest monsters I’ve seen in yugioh (negating destruction, protecting other boxers, increasing attack by 800 each time an xyz material is used), what’s not to love right?! Now to the fire kings(Both Garunix)… They just plainly give a lot of muscle to the deck, also, they can be a good combo with yoke to clear the field of monsters. Small Garunix, when destroyed by a card eff or battle, it special summons a fire king from the deck then… High Avatar Garunix, has 2 effects… first, when destroyed by a card eff can be special summoned on the next Stand-by phase, when it is special summoned it destroys all other monsters on the field (awesome combo with trap card –kurenai). Second is when it is destroyed by battle, you can special summon another fire king from the deck ( which is the smaller garunix, to special summon another High Garunix when it is destroyed). Hazy monsters are fillers which can be of good use to easy summon level 6 xyz… Hazy Cerberus can be special summoned without tribute but its att goes down to a 1000… Hazy Griffin can be special summoned when there are only fire monsters on the field and graveyard… These 2 can be very good defense support also attack when they go XYZ…

For the lower boxers they got bad attacks but the effects go with each other to easy summon the boxer xyz, Switch hitter, when normal summoned can discard any boxer from the deck ( either gardna battlin’ boxer or glassjaw)… then glassjaw can special summon a boxer from the grave when it is brought to the graveyard… Head gear, can special summon from grave when it is normal summoned…this can sum up to easy xyzs, where yoke is usually preffered, cestus is a good muscle though, and has an awesome “C” mode.


Battlin' Boxer Deck card by card

Here is the deck list to better see the whole picture:

Monsters: 20

1 x B.B. Counter Punch (Additional damage)
3 x B.B. Glass Jaw
3 x B.B. Switch Hitter
3 x B.B. Head Gear
2 x B.B. Leverage Gardna ( Save Boxers in Cases of Emergency)
2 x F.K. Avatar Garunix
2 x F.K. High Avatar Garunix
1-2 x Hazy Flame Cerberus
2-3 x Hazy Flame Griffin
0-1 x UltimateBaseball Kid ( I’m just having fun with this, another Cerberus/ griffin is much preferable)

Spells: 11

2-3 x Circle of the Fire Kings (Switch, or Damage with High Garunix Combo + Kurenai)
1-2 x Battlin’ Boxer Spirit ( summon and discard boxers)
2-3 x Magnum Shield (Steroids for Boxers attack)
1-2 x Rank-Up Magic Numeron Force ( to summon “C” types)
1-2 x Rank-Up Magic Barian’s force ( to summon “C” types when theres an xyz)
1 x Dark Hole (Yoke Combo)
1-2 x M. S. T.

Traps: 9

1 x Bottomless Tap Hole
2 x Dark Bribe
2-3 x Kurenai (great combination with High Garunix)
1 x Gozen Match ( for multi attribute opponents)
1 x Mirror Force or 1 x Torrential Tribute
1-3 x Royal Decree (Useful on trap heavy decks)
1 x Starlight Road

Extra: 15

3 x B.B. Yoke
2 x B. B. Cestus
2 x Utopia
1 x Laval Chain
1 x Photon Strike Bounzer (Muscle and Effect Killer)
1 x Norito (Muscle and Effect Killer)
2 x Comet Cestus
1 x Utopia Ray V
1 x Utopia Ray Victory
1 x Stardust Dragon ( if playing starlight road)

Download .ydk file Deck Recipe

Battlin’ Boxer Deck

Thanks a lot JaBeZ for sending this Deck to us. You’re welcome to send every build that you want. 

  • ?????????????

    Post a galaxy deck with the new tuner galaxy serpent

  • Jonathan Colston

    Got Headgear and switches eff’s backwards lol

  • MrNubCraig

    When baby garunix is destroyed you cant bring out fire king high avatar garunix it doesnt work like that or am i misreading

  • Mike

    create video , for i see th deck :c is possible ?
    sorry for my bad english

  • Riyou Cursed

    ye me too i can’t summon king high avatar garunix

  • Riyou Cursed

    And why there is Norito in the extra deck whereas there aren’t magician in the deck Oo.

  • Lolo

    you cant summon” High Avatar” with Small granux

  • Lolo

    Kurenai don’t destroy Granux

  • Silence!

    I can not play this deck as is, even if it was to save my life.
    I needed to do some heavy editing.
    Got rid of all the FKs and Hazy Flames, replaced them with more Battlin Boxers.
    Ditched half of the extra deck and replaced it with cards I can actually call out on a normal basis.
    Switched the spells and traps around a little bit (for personal preference)
    Other than my need to do some heavy editing, its a great deck. Thanks for sharing!

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  • cuberminerera

    The rulings changed. DUH!

  • cuberminerera

    It says tribute. That is destroying.

  • cuberminerera

    I think you should add more CounterPunch’s. For more attack boost for the battlin’s. Its not once per duel you know.

  • Daniel Baker

    Tributing is not destroying lol.

  • Daniel Baker

    no it hasn’t. You still cannot because it says Fire King high Avatar, not just fire king avatar.

  • BrokenKite

    Lavala chain is banned in the format im using any replacements?