Artifact Deck Recipe, ydk and gameplay.

Ok, guys I know probably is to early to say this Artifact Deck is good, but I really love it. Before even Xyz Monsters I always dreamed with a deck like this, that you can set monster on your Spell and Trap Zone and trick your opponent. This new Archetype of Fairy Level 5 Light Monsters do a great job, all of them get to the field in your opponent turn when they are destroyed on your S&T Zone, and then they active a few effects that are so far very good. Also there is a Trap and a Spell card for this archetype, and both are amazing. The Trap Theosophy of the Artifacts when is destroyed by your opponent destroy one card on the field, and also you can activate it to Special Summon one A. monster from your deck, if you do this on your opponent turn, you can activate the monster effects. And the spell Artifact Movement is a kind of MST but beside destroy, you can Set one from your deck on your S&T Zone. The Xyz Monster can change effects for destroy one spell or trap card on your opponent side of the field, and also Shuffle both hands on the deck to draw the same amount. I’m really happy with this Artifact Deck, probably one or two other monsters would be great. Enjoy it.

New and Amazing Artifact Deck List

Click the Image to get the Artifact Deck YDK File


  • Archlord Kristya x2
  • Artifact Labrys x3
  • Artifact Moralltach x3
  • Artifact Failnaught x3
  • Artifact Caduceus x3
  • Artifact Beagalltach x3
  • Artifact Aegis x3
  • Dark Hole
  • Cards from the Sky x3
  • Artifact Movement x3
  • MST x3
  • Double Cyclone x3
  • Theosophy of the Artifacts x3
  • Bottomless Trap Hole
  • Mirror Force
  • Torrential Tribute
  • Compulsory Evacuation Device


  • Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry
  • Tiras, Keeper of Genesis x2
  • Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon x2
  • Constellar Pleiades x2
  • Number 61: Volcasaurus x2
  • Artifact Durandal x3
  • Shark Fortress
  • Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja
  • Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech
  • bramside

    better if u want to add number 19 freezerdon and then u can summon full armored – crystal zero lancer

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  • Hairul Apa

    mts ? what MTS ?

  • Hairul Apa

    sorry MST ? what ?

  • agaresjeffer

    MST = mystical space typhoon

  • Scar

    I highly recommend adding Tethys Goddess of light. You can reveal 1 fairy monster when you draw a card to draw another card. It works great with artifact caduceus and also works with itself. So say you draw a card with caduceus’s effect while tethys is on the field and and the card you draw is a fairy. You reveal it and draw another card and if its also a fairy, you can reveal that second card to draw another card. I threw in a slifer and got it out with 10000 attack. It works great!

  • cuberminerera

    I highly recommend you add absorbing jar ,because it works great with artifacts and those decks that use heavy back row would be like what????

  • Braud-Side of a Barn

    Can only run 1 Artifact Moralltach


    “Valhalla, Hall Of The Fallen” would be good too. it allows you to special summon a fairy type monster from your hand once-per-turn if you control no monsters.