Air Neos Otk Profile March 2013

Here with an Air Neos Otk Recipe, this deck can be a good surprise, this makes your opponent think that you are losing by the low amount of hit points, when suddenly, Elemental Hero Air Neos is on the field with a number of  attack incredible. This is not to competition, but it is a deck for fun, to have a good time and to give the opponent a scare, lol. The main thing here is to have low life points and the fusion monster can get lots of attack point. Cards like Wrath of Neos, Heavy Storm and Dark Hole are there to clean up the field before going for the win. Elemental Hero Prisma is a key card in the deck, as it lets you have the name of the materials you need for the Fusion Summon, and is not at all necessary to have the exact monsters on the field. Another card that is super powerful is Miracle Contact, this lets you bring a fusion that list Elemental Hero Neos as a material to the field, returning to the main deck Fusion Materials from your hand, field or graveyard. And if it’s not sufficient with Air Neos alone in the field, we have Miracle Fusion, Super Polymerization and others like Out Contact, this last one, returns the Fusion Monster to the Extra Deck and if  you have the Fusion Materials in the Main Deck, you can do Special Summon to the field this cards (in this case Elemental Hero Neos and Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird). Well down here is the image of the recipe, also the list of all cards in the Deck, and a video of some plays to do with this build.

Air Neos Otk Deck List


Main Deck:

  • Elemental Hero Neos x3
  • Elemental Hero Stratos
  • Elemental Hero Prisma x3
  • Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird x3
  • E – Emergency Call x2
  • A Hero Lives x2
  • Heavy Storm
  • Miracle Contact x3
  • Miracle Fusion x3
  • Wrath of Neos x2
  • Dark Hole
  • O – Oversoul x2
  • Upstart Goblin x2
  • Hero Mask
  • Fake Hero x2
  • Monster Reborn
  • Pot of Duality x2
  • Super Polymerization
  • Contact Out x2
  • Hand Destruction x3

Extra Deck:

  • Elemental Hero Storm Neos
  • Elemental Hero Great Tornado
  • Elemental Hero Nova Master
  • Elemental Hero The Shining x2
  • Elemental Hero Escuridao
  • Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
  • Elemental Hero Air Neos x2
  • Elemental Hero Gaia
  • Number 11: Big Eye
  • Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
  • Lavalval Chain
  • Gagaga Cowboy
  • Wind-Up Zenmaines

Now some Gameplays and if you already know how to play it, I  recommend also this Karakuri Deck Recipe.

  • disqus_lDqcrqINEU

    Why is zero apart of the deck is you have no water?

  • danny

    He is there with super poly if your opponent is running a deck with a water becasue of super poly. it is good to have a range of types in the extra when running a super poly to take advantage of the opponents cards.


    so why do you have neos storm in here if you have no dophine and why is there hand detruction in this deck


    Also these videos you are making are too ffast can you at least write next to the deck list the different combos to make people understand more clearly these videos are not helping

  • Juan C Irizar

    I’m sorry, that’s the speed of the replays, I will try to change that, there is hand destruction because it helps to set everything fast and storm neos is just another card, also is good to not shows the Fusion Air Neos with Prisma to the last time. Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it, I’m just one person, I’m trying to be better.

  • nino1994

    he has super poly which let’s him fuse his hero with an opponent’s water monster

  • nino1994

    one combo that you can do is summon e-hero prisma ditch neos to the grave activate wrath of neos which clears the feild and use O – oversoul to smack him in the face with 2500 points of damage

  • nino1994

    or you could use 2 hero lives to summon two E-hero prisma and use them to dump Hummingbird and neos in the grave yard use wrath of neos to clear the field and use miracle contact to finish your opponent off