Yugioh Online Games Alternatives

At this time I’m here to tell you what are for me, the two best ways to play Yugioh Online. First of all they are YGOPro and Dueling Network. If there is any other convenient way to play it, I’m don’t know it. These two are almost full diferent from each other ¬†except both be fairly current. While Dueling Network runs online on his webpage .com, the other is a software for Windows, recently it was also expanded to Mac, and there will be soon for Linux operating systems. The YGOPro has the ability to play through Local Area Network and on some servers that are managed by the developer of the game. Dueling Network is available only in English, while YGOPro has the original Chinese version, the English translation known as Percy and two Spanish versions known as Phoenix and TITAN. ¬†All those version are Yugion Online and they are compatible one each other. Actually each game has about over 6000 diferent cards, including Trap, Spell and Monster Cards and they Extra Deck are actually containing all kind of monsters including the new XYZ Monsters. Dueling Network version is probably a little bit in front of the other one, beacause their system is manual and everytime a card release they can just insert it on the list and also they use the last banlist released for Konami every 6 months. They other one needs to be programmed card by card, so they need to release a new version of the game to update the cards, but they has the ability to choose between banlist versions and they has ANIME Cards, so you can enjoy playing with banned cards or Anime cards with they weird effects. Well I hope this fast text about the games, gift you an idea to what they are. I play Yugioh Online everyday and you can do it too.