Yugioh Deck Recipes

  • Plasma Atmosphere Deck Recipe with Diamond Dude

    Plasma Atmosphere Deck, Diamond Dude Turbo Engine

    Hi everyone, since Konami set Scapegoat to Three Copies, is nice to take a look to this Plasma Atmos...

  • Dragon Deck Low Level Normal Monsters

    Low Level Normal Dragon Deck Recipe

    So hi everyone, after a lot of time, looks like I’m getting lazy. Here is a deck that I made f...

  • Battlin' Boxer Recipe card by card.

    The ”knock-out” power of the Battlin’ Boxers by Cicciofano

    So yeah, I’m in LOVE whit this archetype since it was released. I totally love warrior-type monsters...

  • Madolche Build September 2013 Banlist

    Madolche Build for September 2013

    Since the beginning, when they were realeased, Madolches have been loved and hated. A lot of people ...

  • Fire Fist Deck

    Last Fire Fist Deck Profile

    So here we are guys with another annoying deck. This time a good Fire Fist Deck Profile or Brotherho...

Junk Ruler Deck Profile sent by YamiGG

Junk Ruler Deck

From: YamiGG Subject: Junk Ruler Deck Thanks a lot for this Junk Ruler Deck YamiGG. I never thought in a Deck like this, probably people like it. See Also: Noble Knight Last Format –Main– Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1 Blaster, ...

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Cyber Dragon Deck Healer sent by Eric

Cyber Dragon Deck Healer by Deck-List

From: Eric Subject: Mighty Cybers (Cyber Dragon Deck) I seen that you have a deck healer section on your site and I would like your input on what I should change in my Cyber Dragon deck, featuring the new cyber ...

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Noble Knight Deck Recipe Last Format

Noble Knight Deck Profile for September 2013

Hi Everyone, this is an update to the old Noble Knight Deck that we used to have before on the page. This deck is good for people that like Warrior Monsters and only wants to have some fun because I ...

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Thunder Deck sent by Kish

Thunder Deck family Recipe

From: Kish Subject: Thunder Deck Message Body: (Just want to say thank you to the admins of this site for posting my decks on here, really appreciate it, you guys rock!) So this is my level 4 light thunder swarming ...

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Twilight Lighsworn Deck Last Format

Twilight Lightsworn Deck September 2013

Hi Everyone, I’m posting today this Twilight Lightsworn Deck, your are free to tell me what you would chage, because this deck can be made in a lot of different ways. This deck has a lot of speed thanks to ...

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Infernity Xyz Deck Recipe

Infernity Xyz Deck Recipe

Hi everyone, today I’m posting a Infernity Xyz Deck Recipe. And how the Name of the post says, this will be a Deck Infernity without the ability to Special Summon Synchro Monsters, so no Tuner for today. You can be ...

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