Yugioh Deck Recipes

Harpie Deck List by Kish

Harpie Deck List

From: Kish Subject: Harpie Deck List I am not sure why this deck hasn’t topped, it is pretty good and consistent. It has abilities to destroy opponent’s spells or traps and summon rank 4 and rank 7 xyz monsters (and ...

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Gusto Deck Build Last Format

Gusto Deck Playmate

So today I’m here with a Gusto Deck Profile for this last format. And it really works amazing, one of my favorite combos is to Special Summon Daigusto Sphreeze and start attacking the opponent monsters with high Atk Points, so ...

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Chain Burn Deck Profile by Kish

Chain Burn Deck Profile Yugioh

From: Kish Subject: Chain Burn Deck Message Body: This deck, in my opinion, I think was mainly created to annoy people maybe. But decks like these are still used in tournaments and they can prove to be quite challenging to ...

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Prophecy Deck List by Kish

Prophecy Deck for Yugioh TCG

From: Kish Subject: Prophecy Deck List Message Body: As most know, Prophecy decks rely on spellbook spell cards in order to summon monsters or search out other spellbook cards. I have made this deck list in accordance to the September ...

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Synchron Deck for Shooting Quasar Dragon, Quasar Deck.

Quasar Deck with Formula

This is an Update to the Synchron Deck, the last one was on 2012, a very long time ago. This build is focused on the ability to Special Summon Shooting Quasar Dragon ( for me one of the most powerful ...

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Ghostrick Monarch Deck Profile by Alex Allen

Ghostrick Monarch Deck Profile

From: alex allen Subject: ghostrick monarchs Message Body: Hello this is my Ghostrick monarch deck. this deck is really fun to play and competitive. the main plot of the deck is to use ”ghostrick lantern” and ”Ghostrick specter” as tribute ...

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