Noble Knight Deck Recipe Last Format

Hi Everyone, this is an update to the old Noble Knight Deck that we used to have before on the page. This deck is good for people that like Warrior Monsters and only wants to have some fun because I really do not find the competitive way to play with this. So for this Last Format I'm using some new … Continue reading

Thunder Deck sent by Kish

From: Kish Subject: Thunder Deck Message Body: (Just want to say thank you to the admins of this site for posting my decks on here, really appreciate it, you guys rock!) So this is my level 4 light thunder swarming deck. It didn’t quite become as competitive as I had hoped but it is still … Continue reading

Infernity Xyz Deck Recipe

Hi everyone, today I'm posting a Infernity Xyz Deck Recipe. And how the Name of the post says, this will be a Deck Infernity without the ability to Special Summon Synchro Monsters, so no Tuner for today. You can be actually worry because this Deck since the beginning was made to do Synchro Summon, … Continue reading