Yugioh Deck Recipes

  • Neo Space Deck Profile

    Neo Space Deck by Vag

    NEO SPACE DECK(By Vag) Most of us liked the Neo-Spacians Jaden played at the GX series…So here...

  • Acid Golem Burn Deck with Gishki

    Acid Golem Burn Deck with Gishki

    Hi everyone, today I have an Acid Golem Burn Deck, supported by Gishki Engine. The main reason, but ...

  • Mermail Deck Recipe March 2013 Image

    Mermail Deck Recipe March 2013 New Formula

    So here I am, with a Mermail Deck Recipe from this new March Banlist. I really like this build, is p...

  • Gishki Ritual Recipe Image Card by Card

    Full Gishki Ritual Recipe

    Hello Yugioh Comunity, here I am with this Full Gishki Ritual Recipe that actually works very smooth...

  • Box of Friends Deck Recipe Card by Card

    Box of Friends Deck Recipe with Fire Kings

    Hi Yugioh Community, let’s start posting again regularly, I had some problems with the website...

A legendary Ninja Deck by Verlon

Ninja Atlantean Deck List and YDK

Last year my build was a bit more aggressive but this build is still fun I only made it to Bring out Poseidra and troll meta decks a bit but if you want to take it serious there is room ...

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Batteryman Deck with 9V

Batteryman Deck and YDK

I have not been too active for a long time, but here I am. This is a nice Batteryman Deck able to win a lot of duels, and Yes, I’m not using Batteryman AA. Short Circuit as always is a ...

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Naturia Deck Profile by Bradley

Naturia Deck Profile and YDK

I’ve been running Naturia’s for ages, and have had an old build of my deck uploaded on here already, but I’d like to update my deck, to the new and improved Naturia deck, my only truly bad match-up is Bujin’s, ...

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Madolche Deck by Alex

Madolche Deck and YDK 2014

Hi this is my madolche deck that uses the new madolche card “M. Anjelly” i have always been a fan of the madolche archetype, but i always found them to be sort of slow. with the release of “M. anjelly” ...

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Gravekeeper’s Deck 2014 by Kish

Gravekeeper Deck YDK and Image

Hi Kish here, back with another deck, this time OP deck Gravekeeper’s, surprisingly quite efficient, works wonders in Dueling Network and I have yet to try it in local tournaments but here is a basic over view Gravekeeper’s Spy is ...

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TellaKnight Deck by Vag

Tellaknight Deck Recipe and YDK

So,this is the new archtype that seems to be the first meta deck of the Arc-V era. To sum it up,it has 3 effect monsters,one XYZ monster,one quick-play spell and one counter trap. Which are all AWESOME! Their gameplay reminds ...

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