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Ice Barrier Deck and YDK by Vag

Ice Barrier Deck Profile and YDK

Hey there! Today i will give you a fun Ice Barrier deck. For the last years(after Trish and Brionac ban) they are a pretty much dead arctype. They are acused for being slow,unconsistable and a dull deck. I tried my ...

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Chaos Dragons Deck Recipe by Kish

Chaos Dragon Deck Recipe and YDK

As a kid, I absolutely loved Chaos Dragons, I mean a deck with all my favorite monsters, Gorz Emissary Of Darkness, Black Luster Soldier, Chaos Sorcerer, Dark Armed Dragon and Red-eyes Darkness Metal Dragon all in one deck? Too good ...

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Zw Utopia Deck by Damien Bashaw

Zw Deck Profile Recipe

Zw Utopia, when asura blow comes out. hello everyone, this build of zw utopia tends to be really consistant based of a lot of testing, and isn’t based off of anyone’s decklist. [prever]QlBAphkeTPA[/prever] Summoning Engine: 3 goblindberg 3 gagaga magican ...

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Vampire deck by Vag

Vampire Deck Recipe and YDK

Hello there…Today i will give you my vampire deck recipe. I started this deck just for fun without big expectations,but it has proven me wrong many times.For those who aren t familiar with the archtype, it is a zombie type ...

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Pure Chronomaly Deck List

Chronomaly Deck List for Yugioh TCG 2014

I know guys, there has been a long time without making or publishing any Deck, I guess I’m to lazy. But Today I have this Chronomaly Deck for you people and is a very funny and competitive deck. The reason ...

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Gorgonic Chronomaly Deck by Alex Allen

Gorgonic Chronomaly Deck Profile Yugioh Tcg

From: Alex Allen Subject: chronic deck profile (Chronomaly-Gorgonic) Hello, this is my original deck idea that i came up with. this deck uses cards that won’t be out till legacy of the valiant. i’ll be honest, when i made this ...

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