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Crystal Beast Recipe Deck Healer #1

Crystal Beast Recipe Image Healed Version card by card

Hey readers, this is the first post of this new Section Deck Healer, in this section, we will post recipes, decks, or anything that you guys has sent to our page for Contact Form, our Twitter, Facebook or to our ...

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Infernity Recipe April 2013

Infernity Recipe Image April 2013

    Well now with my Infernity Recipe, very good deck, this one have been strong from the beginning, and it still winning Duels. The main strategy as maybe all of you should know is the opposite of every other ...

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Lightsworn Deck Recipe with three Lumina

Lightsworn, Yugioh Deck Image

So here is a quick look to the Lightsworn Deck of this last Banlist. As you all should know now you can use three Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, is almost the main card of the Deck, this card is pretty good. I ...

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Elemental Incarnate Dragons Recipe March 2013

Elemental Incarnate Dragon Recipe Image

So here is the last version of Suppressor Dragons Cards, now called Elemental Incarnate Dragons. This Deck is too good, basically if you start the game, is almost a win. Starting with a Eclipse Wyvern and anyone of the Small ...

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Fire King Fleur Deck List January 2013

Fire King Fleur Image Deck List

Here is my Fire King Fleur Deck List. I was looking card by card, monster by monster, something to make a  different deck; tired of the same thing every day, when I saw Necro Fleur, and the first thing that came ...

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Athena Fairy Burn Deck List January 2013

Athena Fairy Burn Deck List Image

So this is my Athena Fairy Burn Deck List. Is a good fairy deck, but is almost focused on bringing 3 Athenas or 3 Tethys with Inferno Reckless Summon. This is possible by using Celestial Transformation, cause this card special ...

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