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Batteryman Deck with 9V

Por el 10-06-2014 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Batteryman Deck and YDK

I have not been too active for a long time, but here I am. This is a nice Batteryman Deck able to win a lot of duels, and Yes, I’m not using Batteryman AA. Short Circuit as always is a good card to destroy everything in your opponent side, even his feelings so I need to use it. The main …

Thunder Deck sent by Kish

Por el 28-10-2013 Categoria: Decks by Players
Thunder Deck family Recipe

From: Kish Subject: Thunder Deck Message Body: (Just want to say thank you to the admins of this site for posting my decks on here, really appreciate it, you guys rock!) So this is my level 4 light thunder swarming deck. It didn’t quite become as competitive as I had hoped but it is still quite good and I have …

Hunder Rank-Up Recipe for Number C39: Utopia Ray V

Por el 26-04-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Rank-Up Recipe for Utopia Ray Deck-List

Hello Yugioh Community! Here is my new Hunder Rank-Up Recipe for Number C39: Utopia Ray V. I made this deck  because is pretty easy do a rank 4 xyz summon thanks to the Hunder Family, and of course they are cute, lol. Before going too deep on this, is good to know that is not necessary to bring Utopia or anyone of …

Batteryman Deck List January 2013

Por el 16-01-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes

Here is my Batteryman Deck List, it is a very old  archetype  of  cards, but they are extremely funny and now with Xyz Monsters they seems to be a little more Solid. My Favorite Card in this Deck is Batteryman AAA, his effect for Xyz Rank 4 and Light too are amazing, I always love to bring the Radian Photon Paradius. This …

Thunder Deck September 2012

Por el 18-12-2012 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes

Thunder Deck with Batteries and Photon 2012 It’s a Thunder Deck, but is based on the Hunder Family. They focus on Normal Summon many lv 4 to xyz summon rank 4 monster, in order to make good dueling. Thunder Sea Horse is key monster, able to search for 2 lv 4 light thunder mosnters. I play Batteryman AAA because the …