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Prophecy Deck List by Kish

Por el 12-11-2013 Categoria: Decks by Players
Prophecy Deck for Yugioh TCG

From: Kish Subject: Prophecy Deck List Message Body: As most know, Prophecy decks rely on spellbook spell cards in order to summon monsters or search out other spellbook cards. I have made this deck list in accordance to the September 2013 ban list. It is pretty good, deadly and straight forward. The monster, World Of Prophecy is the ultimate monster …

Spellbook Prophecy Deck September 2013 Banlist

Por el 07-10-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Spellbook Deck with Prophecy Cards

Hi everyone, here is a Spellbook Prophecy Deck. One of the Decks touched by Konami in the last banlist, but for those that still like it, this is a fun way to use it. Probably one of my favorite Spellcaster cards is Magical Exemplar¬†(Each time a Spell Card is activated, place 2 Spell Counters on this card. Once per turn, …

Reaper of Prophecy Spellbook Deck Recipe February 2013

Por el 14-02-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Reaper of Prophecy Spellbook Deck List Image

I call it Reaper of Prophecy Spellbook Deck, first of all because Reaper of Prophecy is the main card in the deck, this was revealed by Konami recently as support for Spellbook, and really worth it. The deck is focused on the usefulness of Spellbook Magic cards, so I use as many spells as possible, and I do not use …

Fortune Prophecy Spellbook Deck List January 2013

Por el 10-01-2013 Categoria: Yugioh Deck Recipes
Fortune Prophecy Spellbook Deck List Image

Well this is my Fortune Prophecy Spellbook Deck. It’s pretty good, and funny, so enjoy it: Main Deck: 2- Genex Controller ( this is support for Genex undine to send water monsters to graveyard) 1- Dark Armed Dragon 1- High Priestess of Prophecy 3- Fortune Lady Dark ( this is the heart of the deck, we will focus on his …