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Gimmick Puppet Deck with Machina Monsters

Gimmick Puppet Deck Image

Hi Yugioh  Community. I’m here with this super amazing wonderfull Gimmick Puppet Deck, mixed with some Machina Monsters and others. I’m really excited with this deck, for real is super cool and good, I have been testing this deck and I even ...

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Best Chaos Suppressor Dragon Deck List February 2013

Chaos Suppressor Dragon Deck Image

Well after few days testing those Suppressor Dragons, I can let you know that they are really strong, and I see this deck on Top soon. The problem with they is that they can only activated one effect per turn, ...

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Chaos Dragons Deck List January 2013


Well here is a Chaos Dragons Deck List that I made to help someone. I’m not relly lover of this deck, for me this is not a consistent Deck. Sometimes you just stay without options. But well let’s see what ...

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