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The ”knock-out” power of the Battlin’ Boxers by Cicciofano

Battlin' Boxer Recipe card by card.

So yeah, I’m in LOVE whit this archetype since it was released. I totally love warrior-type monsters (except for those freaking Six-Samurais). And… what do I like more in here? Those warrior-type monsters are BOXERS! And even better: all of them are fire ...

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Inzektor Master Key Deck Recipe Lock

Inzektor Master Key Deck Recipe

Hi everyone and welcome to this Inzektor Master Key Deck Recipe, The main Reason that I made this deck is because I wanted to use Number 66: Master Key Beetle to protect Vanity’s Emptiness and Safe Zone. So you can put your ...

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Malefic Deck Recipe with Gravekeepers

Malefic Deck Recipe with Gravekeepers Explained

Hi people, now a quick Malefic Deck Profile with some Gravekeepers monsters. The main thing on this deck, is very clear, the brutal force. Abusing of monsters like Malefic Cyber End Dragon, that are really easy to Special Summon and ...

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Box of Friends Deck Recipe with Fire Kings

Box of Friends Deck Recipe Card by Card

Hi Yugioh Community, let’s start posting again regularly, I had some problems with the website, but well, let’s start. Today I bring to you a Box of Friends Deck Recipe and for those who plays YGOPro like me, we don’t ...

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Infernity Recipe April 2013

Infernity Recipe Image April 2013

    Well now with my Infernity Recipe, very good deck, this one have been strong from the beginning, and it still winning Duels. The main strategy as maybe all of you should know is the opposite of every other ...

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Psychic Deck Recipe April 2013

Psychic Deck Recipe Image 2013

So here we are with a Psychic Deck, now that we have Emergency Teleport back to three copies is good enough to make this deck alive again. Well this is not a Top Deck but we can have some fun ...

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